Yesterday true to what I posted, I wrapped Christmas gifts.  Got four boxes ready to hit the mail today to California, Florida and Maine………three corners.  The Texas corner I would have mailed to has moved to Missouri and still waiting gifts to go in those boxes.

I enjoy wrapping gifts.  I have for as long as I can remember.  I learned to make a pretty fancy full bow when I was a young girl.  We learned to layer ribbon over our fingers in the width we wanted the bow to be – ie a 3″ bow, a 5″ bow or larger – spreading our fingers as needed.  We layered this 6 times give or take depending on the fullness you desired.  Then we took the layers off our hand and folded this large loop in half.  Next we cut a small ‘v’ in the fold part careful not to cut the whole bow in half.  While it is still folded we thread a piece of thin ribbon (or a piece of the thin curling ribbon) making sure the ribbon is in both ‘v’ and tie it in a knot.  Now we have what looks like a flat 8 with a ribbon tied at the middle.  We reach in the middle of one half of the bundle of loops and bring out a ribbon loop to the right.  Pulling it forward gently as we pull it out.  Then we reach in the same loop bringing another to the left.  The same thing continues until all the loops are out of the bundle on one side then we go to the other side and do the same.  VOILA a bow!  One of the first times I did this my aunt Pauline bought it for a quarter.  Well I could see a business there!  This process is not easily explained as I have just discovered.

Then there is the ribbon we use surrounding the package to hold the bow.  Once the bow is completed we hope we have left enough of the tie we used in the ‘v’ to make a tail to tie it to the ribbon that covers the package.  Sometimes I cover the package with a cross ‘t’ or I use the ribbon to cover the corners only.  One of my favorites is to cover all the corners thus making the package look like it is framed in miter corners.  Occasionally I just use a piece of ribbon off to the side on the top and side of the package or alone to hold the bow.

I love ribbons.  I buy a green, red and white each year.  I use it generously and secure it so that the bows stay on.  I have heard many complaints that my packages are wrapped to tight and difficult to open.

The wrapping paper is equally as important.  I like to wrap the children’s packages in Santa paper or snow men.  I am a traditionalist and do not go in for the character papers.  The adults get stripes or plaids or holiday appropriate florals.

When I was a child my mother had a lady that came around every year selling Christmas wrapping paper.  In the wrapping paper packages each year were pieces of paper with Santa’s face on it only.  Each year my mother would wrap the one special gift we could open Christmas Eve in this paper.  It is hard to find wrapping paper with a Santa only and yet I was successful most of the years of our children’s growing up.

I know people who put no gifts under their tree until Christmas Eve.  In my house as a child and our house now we put the gifts under the tree as they arrive or get wrapped.  I think it creates excitement for the coming day.  Occasionally I used to catch the ‘shakers’ trying to figure out what was in a specific box.  I note here that all the gifts are under the tree BEHIND the empty manger in the crèche so we can keep the reason for the season.

This year I even gave in to one of our ‘kids’.  She lives away from us and not coming home for Christmas.  [very large sad face here]  She sets up her tree with extreme care and has a theme each year.  One year she noted that I wrapped all the gifts in the same paper.  Another year a comment was made that the red did not match the blue on the tree or some info in the same vein.

I know that one of my secret desires is to have the perfect tree with all beautiful coordinated balls and garland with gifts in matching wrapping and bows underneath it like in the magazines or a visual would be the tree in ‘Home Alone 2’.  I have not ever succeeded and like what we do have in our home.

This year I was at a store and saw some really pretty foil paper and thought this darling ‘child’ would like it.  Before I bought it I thought to call.  I was told no problem except no gold this year as red and silver were going to be the focal colors.  Well luckily for me the foil paper was silver red white and black – perfect!!!

Yesterday I wrapped some mail away gifts and did not want to add stress so used the stick on bows.  These have become prettier as the years have passed.   This year I previously wrapped many gifts that I would normally mail away and left them in close proximity to their delivery site.  I had to use curly ribbon as it was what I could get in October.  While I love wrapping gifts I find I am simplifying in all things as I age.

…..sad really and there it is…


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  1. I love these stories!! I had forgotten the Santa paper that she wrapped your gift in. I am wrapping today and looking forward to having things under the tree.
    During the few years that we had trees in two places we decorated one in a so called fashionable way as we had never done that. It just didn’t fly and now that we have one tree in one place we are back to the good, old family decorated tree that we have had for 50 years. I even have a handful of ornaments that my mother had tho they are pretty well past their prime but no less special.
    Keep the stories coming as I am learning about all kinds of things that I was not aware of.
    Love you, Aunt Becky

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