This morning is a cold foggy bleak day. It is a Monday and I like rainy days and Mondays so will take this day and enjoy it!  I have been up for awhile.  The surprise of the morning was the doorbell ringing at 7:20.  I discovered the USPS was delivering packages early.  Glad I was not still in bed!  Neither rain nor slow nor early morning evidently will stop the mail.

I checked emails and facebook looking for a topic for this morning.  While I fully intend to explore the traditions of the season further it seemed a little redundant to do the same today.  I came across a ‘plague’ on a friend’s wall.  It said,

“The only people who are mad at you for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie.  Keep speaking the truth.”

Well that has tantalized my brain as being a fully loaded statement.  What is truth?  I am certain philosophers have been and will continue debating this for eternities.

I went to the web of course.  I found the definition:

truth  /tro͞oTH/ Noun

The quality or state of being true: “the truth of her accusation”.

That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality: “tell me the truth


sooth – verity – reality – fact – veracity – fidelity

I found quotes from the Bible to Johnny Cash song ‘What is truth?’

John 18:38  –  “What is truth?” Pilate asked. With this he went out again to the Jews and said, “I find no basis for a charge against him.

Johnny Cash singing:

As I looked through the notations it came to me to wonder is there a definitive truth anymore?  There is black and there is white and there is gray.  It seems to me that these days we are living in a lot of grey and calling it truth.  Even in the color there is no definitive spelling.  Did you note I used both?  Both gray and grey are acceptable as spelling of the color!  Trivia of the day.

Back to truth.  For me truth is that abortion kills a baby.  I do not understand how anyone can see it any other way.  When a sperm enters an egg, the egg is altered to become something different – a baby.  Argue as you will this is scientific the sperm and egg joining create a baby.  Now perhaps you do not believe there is life there which is your truth.  I am not so smart so will accept that the meeting of the sperm and egg create life in the baby, the name for the new organism that was created by the joining.  If we can accept all the other processes of the body as truth why not the process of reproduction?  Cancer for instance creates tumors in the body, new organisms and not good of course, and still they are living organisms inside of us.  For me life at conception is truth.  An abortion kills a baby.

Truth is you cannot spend more than you take into your accounts.  Does anyone remember taking basic accounting in high school?  It was part of our math courses.  The out column had to be justified by the in column.  Both balances at the end had to agree.  What about this does our government not understand?  Yet here we are trying to make a deal to spend more than we take in once again.  The President and his promises have been depicted by Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown.  In my life I do not believe she has EVER not taken it away.  What makes anyone think that the President will keep his promise to cut spending after he gets what he wants.  He has kept few promises.  He is in his office less than any other President has been so how is any of this getting done?   Even Democrat Erskine Bowles of the commission says we have to cut spending. Truth is you cannot spend more money than you have or have coming into your budget.

Truth is if we tax the rich they are going to move someplace else.  Check out the migration of California to Texas and Maryland to Pennsylvania when taxes were passed in those states that taxed the wealthy at an extreme rate.

Truth is if we do not get our act together as a nation we will quickly look like Europe.  Millionaires in France are being taxed at 75% and what is happening.  They are leaving the country.  Who will pay the bills now?

Truth is we cannot sustain our entitlement mentality and be a successful Republic.  You cannot spend more than is coming in as I said above.  If we have people in need of entitlements then we have a need to support them.  When entitlements cost more than we can tax then we need to re-look at how we are giving our money away and to whom.  Including countries.  We cannot give and give and remain fiscally responsible.  I am not talking about Social Security or Military – they are earned sums.  I am not also talking about people who are really in need.  I am talking about abuse.  Truth is if the programs were audited and abuse removed solvency might be quick behind.

Truth is you cannot lie and think it will not ever come back.  Obama said “Osama is dead and Al Quada is on the run.”  Half truth.  As it is coming out now Al Quada is growing in many areas of North Africa.  Truth will come out now that the election is over.

Truth is a funny thing.  I worked very hard in 1964 for Civil Rights and racial equality.  Now the truth is that we may have reached a reverse spot.  Black people are part of our country and our families.  As a nation we finally acknowledge their wonderfulness and contributions to our world.  I had the sense that we were blending and equality is a reality.  Now I am hearing Al Sharpton, Samuel L Jackson and other wealthy prominent black people speaking against whites.  Slavery was wrong and I believed we had faced that truth and rectified it to unity.  What is going on now?  Truth is I do not understand.

I used to sell cosmetics.  I discovered that black women had as much trouble finding the best match for their skin color as we white women did.  The colors of foundation I carried were a whole array of beauty – from an alabaster to a dark rich deep black.  I knew and was affirmed by this experience that color is only skin deep.  Martin Luther King said it best when he spoke of character.  He said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  Isn’t that a truth we can all live by today?

Abortion, politics, race – think I have covered all the untouchables in the discussion of the politically incorrect truth.  Fairly heavy topics.  Think I’ll stop the infusion of energy coffee and relax and go wrap some Christmas gifts!






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