I have been listening to the news in the last few days about the murder suicide in Kansas City.  While ironing yesterday I heard Rush (okay, now you all knew, as a conservative, I had to listen to Rush at some points!) go into a long discussion of Bob Costa’s gun control speech during the football game.  Of course I did not hear this broadcast – not a football fan.  I have heard all the controversy.  Rush’s assertion that the gun alone did not kill Kassandra Perkins or the player was backed up by many examples of other people who were recently in the news for being killed.  In these incidences the weapons of choice – a pipe wrench, pot, a cross-bow – were not blamed for the deaths.  Point taken.

I decided to do some research as I believe the real issue is not being investigated.  It is not gun control about which we should be speaking.  Rather I believe it is domestic violence.  There may have been mental issues, culture and probably ego on the part of the shooter.  The fact is that Kassandra Perkins died as the result of domestic violence and no one is talking about this.

I looked at some of the reports.  The Kansas City news station KCTV gave a fairly evenly balanced report of the incident.  Other news agencies focused on the player for the most part.  The online Business Week referred to Kassandra Perkins twice as ‘shot his girlfriend’, ‘argued with Kasandra Perkins’ in a 16 paragraph article.  CBS Sports online focused on the player as well mentioning Kasandra Perkins twice by name in a 25 paragraph article.  The Bangor Daily News, I was interested to find out that Jovan Belcher had played at UMaine, also referred to her twice in an article about the same length.

What made this event different to garner all this attention?  Was it the celebrity of the shooter?  Was it the sport’s connection?  I understand that the NFL is being sued for violence in the sport?  Really?  Does anyone make them play this game each week?  Was this killing and suicide from a mental issue? Is it simply a question to the mind-set of a player who has had his head bashed in often playing a game for which he is well paid?

Was this the first volatile argument Kassandra Perkins had with Jovan Belcher?  Were they in a committed relationship?  Seems to me I heard that he was dating another woman?  If they had been married would things have been better?  Did the culture they were raised in have anything to do with the violence?  I understand they had been going to counseling and he had a history of violence.  Could it have been a bad situation that escalated and a man wanted to punish this woman and a gun was handy?  What kind of mind-set is this?  Sane? Unbalanced?  I do not have the answers.

What was so wrong that the use of a gun was the answer?  Was it the convenience of the gun?  He was a large man and I think his hands could have done a horrid job as well.  A knife nearby would have been as bad had it been handy.  Regardless it was an act of domestic violence that has been overshadowed by the gun control issue.

Any way you look at it Kassandra Perkins was killed in an act of domestic violence and no one is addressing this.  Domestic violence/abuse is an issue that goes undetected often.  It needs more attention and unfortunately those involved will not speak out.

Domestic abuse happens in more ways than illustrated by this current situation.  It can be beatings that do not show as the bruises are covered by clothing.  It can be verbal abuse that demeans.  It can be threats that are verbalized enough to be concerned that they might be carried out.  It can even be silence that frightens.

I watched a dear friend suffer this for years.  She would not speak about it.  Did not say a word other than to me and another.  She believed she had nowhere to go.  She believed that what she put up with was okay.  It is just how ‘he is’ she would say and tiptoe around.  I have to say there were days when she did not come to the door right away that I had concern.  There were guns in that house as well.

Whether this player was drunk, culturally challenged or mentally unstable does not matter.  The answer for him was violence and he alone is responsible.  He killed Kassandra Perkins.

I want to speak up for Kassandra Perkins as no one else is doing so at this time.  Kassandra Perkins died at the age of 23 the mother of a 3 month old baby as the result of domestic violence.  May we remember her name and may God rest her soul.


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