I cannot seem to get on task this morning and I need to do so as the list in my mind is a mile long.  If I can get one or even two things scratched off it will be a good day.  On top of that it was supposed to be warm and I just had to turn on the heat.

‘At sixes and sevens’ is the position I find myself in right now.  Interesting phrase and I have no idea what it means except that there is not one real direction.  I’d rather be in the Christmas fun world of buying gifts and wrapping and decorating then the real world of paying bills and ironing and the last two will ultimately be the focus today.  Still betting that I get distracted.

This weekend as I was looking over other blogs I was impressed by the focus each had on their sites.  It must make it easier to write and add posts.  I am so eclectic that I have no niche.  I flip from here to there and back again like a leaf on the wind.  No direction like a feather flying around after a bird has sloughed it off.  Just floating ending up who knows where.  Unless you are like the feather in ‘Forrest Gump’ that begins and ends in the same place.

I have a ‘gazillion’ [a favorite exaggeration word] hobbies.  Many projects are incomplete which is okay as there is still something to do any time I want in any media I choose.  I have 4 baby samplers almost complete.  The oldest child is almost 6 and thankfully a girl so it will still work in their rooms!  The goal is to have them completed by January or in January.  I have 4 quilts in process.  I am trying to finish a ‘sewing room’ in the basement for my crafts.  I have pictures that are sitting, having been torn from magazines, for me to paint a likeness of my own on canvas.  I have genealogy information I am anxious to  look over.  I have pictures I want to print.  I have scrapbooks I am interested in creating.  I have recipes I want to try.  Then I also have chores I have to actually accomplish.  There simply is not enough time in any day to do it all.

I am interested in politics.  I love travel.  I enjoy architecture as well as home improvement.  A walk through a garden is a joy especially if there are flowers and scents and fruits to pick – except strawberries.  I love the water especially lakes, ponds and oceans.

My interest in literature – well I cannot think of a thing I would not like to read.  Attempt to read may be the better as I have finally given myself permission not to finish a book.  I read mysteries, romance, self-help, health, religion, fiction, non-fiction, biography, auto biography.  The only thing I do not like to read is horror.  I have read only a few Stephen King.  I read ‘Life of Pi’ and found it the worst book I have ever read.  Needless to say I will not be going to see the movie.  That is another  thing – I watch all kinds excepting horror.

Eclectic.  The definition is, ‘A person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.’  There is no other way to categorize me.  I do not have a niche.  I think that is kind of sad actually.  It may limit any commercial appeal to my writing.  I will have to look at that through the eyes of reality one day.  I still have half a year left to explore this through the blog format.

Today as I try to rein myself into doing the mundane work that is my ‘job’, that of running this household, I will have to contemplate my niche.  Perhaps I can discover just what it is.  Perhaps I will find a way to accept that I have none which may be okay in and of itself.

In the meantime, I do have chores to do.  A friend commented about my house.  Awareness is in the eyes of the beholder and mine see clutter today.  Lots of work has to be done let alone decorate for Christmas which I still have to complete for this year.  I would like to win the lottery to have a house staff full time.  In the meantime I must stop this meandering.  I am off to work on my list – first I have to write the darned thing!!!


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  1. I so agree with you about,”The Life of Pi.” I too thought it was a horrible book. I could barely get through it. When I saw they had made a movie I was astonished. Where’s the substance to even do that. Crazy!
    And, my thoughts are prett much EXACTLY where yours are today. The idea of my list is forfront behind doing the bills and budget which I dread.
    Here’s to an amazing list with lots of joyful things within it. God bless you Kathy. ❤

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