The election was held almost a month ago now.  I was very clear before the election that I believed Barack Obama was not the man to lead us in the coming four years.  Why would my opinion change with his election?  I have been as clear that I was devastated by the results.  Why does that make me negative?  Why is disagreement hate rhetoric?  Or spewing hatred? What is new?  The answer is nothing.

I was on a facebook thread yesterday that began with the discussion of Obama’s vacation.  I heard a fact  that the Obama’s have spent $1.4B on vacations this year while it only cost $58M to run the whole Royal Family expenses in England.  The thread then dissolved into a discussion of costs.  People who did not agree with Obama’s policies were portrayed as spewing hatred, using hateful rhetoric and having no clue.

At one point I put forth a link to the budget and the response was some capital letters with this: “Election over get over it and work together as it should be, aren’t we all on the same team????”  The answer is YES and NO.  I am on America’s team.  I am NOT on the Obama team.

For the last three weeks I have been trying to digest what happened on Nov. 6th, 2012.  I have not been as vocal as I had been previously as I have been trying to understand what happened and where the hope went with the voting public.  In the end our citizens simply voted to move FORWARD.  To what I do not know as I could not and still cannot see what the plan is that the Obama administration has for our country.  If we look at the facts and numbers we are headed in the same direction that Greece and Spain are living right now.  I cannot see numbers of facts that dispute this and am open for facts to prove otherwise.

I posted a status – the first in a long time – on my facebook page yesterday.  It said, “…..it is amazing to me that any discussion of politics or facts surrounding issues that still exist now that the election is over is seen as hate mongering and sour grapes by those that supported Barack Obama? are we all to be silent for the next four years???”  There was much discussion from friends.  The result is that if we are silent the complexion of our country could be changed forever.  Silent no more.

With this in mind I have been trying to wrap my head around the fiscal cliff issue.  I have been trying to understand by simplifying it to my own circumstances.  As I see it this cliff we are facing will put us all into financial problems.

Basically the President and Congress agreed last year when they raised the debt ceiling, if we did not make cuts to pay for this there would be a sequestration that would go into effect that would cut across the board to the $1.2Trillion amount.   These cuts would effect all Federal accounts defense and non-defense equally.  Social Security, Veteran or military pay would not be included and Medicare cuts would be capped at 2%.  Along with this the Bush era tax cuts (which I still do not understand why they are not Obama’s now as he passed them again last year) will end.  The Congressional Budget Office says we will go into a ‘significant recession’.  The CBO says that the economy will decrease and unemployment will increase.  Contractors and those depending on the government buying from them will not have any certainty.  The government could and probably would default on promised purchases of goods and services.  The tax cuts will bring in more money to DC and the sequestration will demand that since the government has made no cuts they will now have to cut arbitrarily across the board.  The effect is that with the cuts and the ending of tax relief is $607 Billion.

The Bush/Obama tax cuts have allowed my household to have more money these last ten years.  The intent was to spend it and stimulate the economy.  I was encouraged to go buy and take on loans to help our economy come back to life.  It has not done so.  The growth rate in 2009 was -2.6/ 2010 = 2.8/2011 = 1.7.

[The previous years can be found at:  http://www.indexmundi.com/united_states/gdp_real_growth_rate.html.

For information only 2000 was 5./2001= 0.3/2002 = 2.45/2003 = 3.1/2004 = 4.4/2005 = 3.2/2006 = 3.2/2007 = 2.0/ 2008 = 1.1.  For further information the Democrats took over Congress in the 2006 election.]

To try to understand this for me is to know that when the cuts expire my extra money will no longer be available.  The loans I have taken out now will be harder to pay back.  On top of this the sequestration will cut across the board in government.  It will not be expected and has not been planned for in companies who rely on the government to buy their goods or services.

For example if GE has a contract that is cut, you mean to tell me that the cost of their dishwasher is not going to go up to help their bottom line?  I hear you it may be in the defense area and may not work as simply as that.  Will they look at this and the price point of the dishwasher and say they cannot raise that cost so they cut elsewhere and that could be jobs.  That would mean more people on unemployment.  Where does this money come from to service this cost?

This Obama plan is not to effect those earning under $250,000.  That is me and yet I know that if it is effecting a company that I use to purchase products or services from it is going to effect me as their costs are going to go up.  They are going to pass that along to the consumer – me!

President Obama sent a proposal to the Congress that has been judged poorly by the Republicans.  They say he is not acting in good faith.  We need to get our house in order and I fail to see how new spending can do that.  On top of this he is asking the Congress to allow him to raise the debt ceiling as he sees fit without their approval.  Golly that sounds quite scary to me.  I am a real strong supporter of checks and balances.  I have worked for many years with groups that work with checks and balances and in hindsight clearly see the value of this way of working together.

Obama sent Geithner to put forth his plan of:

$1.6T in tax increase

$50B Stimulus Package (new spending?)

increasing taxes on the wealthy

one year postponement of scheduled cuts in defense and domestic spending

President can change debt ceiling as he chooses

How does this fix the problems we are facing?  What about the promise to fix things that everyone signed last year?  Is this still not tax and spend?  Is this still not give us the money and we will do more later?

One of the people on the thread I was on yesterday said that the blame has to recede and we have to move forward.  The Republicans did not spend four years blaming anyone.  They now can at least blame the current President for his previous four years should they choose though I believe this to be counterproductive.

Mike Huckabee is on a bus tour for his latest book,  When asked about this situation he said it best.  He said the problems in Washington are being handled by the Obama administration like a teenage boy who says to a girl, “If you just let me kiss you that’s all I want.”  He said we all know that is not true.

Benghazi – where was the President?  Susan Rice – did she lie?  Did he?  Sandy – after the initial visit NY residents are asking where is the President’s follow through on his promises?  Obamacare will now go into effect and cost each of us $2500 and companies with medical plans will pay???  Perhaps we are to be silent to get along to move along?  To what end?  Are we The Republic of the United States of America or moving into fascism?  Socialism? What has changed?  When is Obama going to get off the campaign trail and lead?  Did not see that the last four years will it be different the next?  What has changed?




  1. Good morning Kathy, Great blog today. Hope a lot of people read it and realize what is happening in this world. Do the people in our country not see where the suffering in this country is getting worse every year!! Do we really need to be sending the president’s family or wife on vacations that results in millions of dollars every year!!! I think NO WAY!!

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