Today is an odd day.  I had my usual kiss goodbye this morning at 4AM instead of 6 and that made for a restless last few hours of sleep.  Knowing there was going to be an early up and out from the other side of the bed made for a restless beginning of sleep.  I have a house that is a disaster with Christmas half out and Thanksgiving not yet put away.  There are two beds needing stripping and remaking.  We have a dear friend coming for dinner,  I have a blog to write, 125 emails on our personal site, 316 on my own and 8 on the business that need attention.  I will do what I can today.  Tomorrow is another day and can take some of the heavy lifting that I have just listed.  This is when I am grateful for a 2 story house as the upstairs beds and laundry can wait as out of sight.  I have not checked my power ball ticket yet and already know I have lost as I do not live in Arizona or Missouri.

The one thing I do know and am very pleased about is that at midnight tonight I will reach a goal.  Now that is a word I have not liked much in my life.  The thing is that I find it difficult to meet goals.  I am a very undisciplined person.  One only needs to look at my lack of a svelte profile to understand that.  The fact that I rarely have a dollar in my wallet can add to the testimony of a hedonistic life.  Well – not really – I simply lack discipline and dislike the word goal.

A few years ago a friend offered that a GOAL is ‘God’s Objectives Attained Lovingly”.  This description took off part of my angst with the word.  It is still very difficult for me to reach goals I set.  Right now I am in fear of a letter due to arrive for me any day now from the Ranch.  When we left this beautiful spa we had to write down three goals we wanted to work toward and attain in the next three months.  I left Canyon Ranch on Sept. 5th.  Stage manager play the “Jaws” music …  the letter will be here and I am certain I have not reached the goals.  Maybe one?

Tonight at midnight I WILL reach a goal!  I set a goal to write a blog everyday for the next year.  There are 365 days in the year.  The halfway mark of the year is 182.5.  For me from June 1st to November 29 is 182 days.  The .5 I believe will happen at midnight as we cross over to Nov. 30th day 183.

I have actually posted 187 bogs as I added addendums and posted twice one day.  It has been an experience I treasure as I have enjoyed challenging myself in this way.  While I am not so sure all who receive the blog enjoy it, I am pleased to share that many I do not know have found me and left interesting comments, many of them very complimentary.

I have enjoyed the challenge of learning a new tool with wordpress.com.  I have not even scratched the surface of what it has to offer me as a blogger.  I have tried the poll aspect and the media inserts – there is more yet to attempt.

I have enjoyed the challenge of the use of language.  I am not sure many of you realize that I have written most of my entries without using the words ‘but’ and ‘because’.  The words have been there only if they were in quotes that I have added to my own words.  It is a quirky thing the lack of using ‘but’ and ‘because’.  The word ‘but’ negates all words that come before it.  Example – I love you but you need to ….. Is that really saying you love someone?

The word ‘because’ tends to be used to rationalize or justify what is being said.  Example – I love you because you are a good housekeeper…..  why do you need to justify the thought?  I try to be certain that what I am saying is correct and does not need to be justified.

Language is fun.  I am working on using the word ‘and’ less and less as well.  I am finding that I type it often.  I am trying to not use run on sentences.  I am trying to increase my vocabulary along the way.

The one thing that I will continue to keep in my blog is passion.  I am certain that you may have picked up some of that during the blogs throughout the election.  Perhaps  the reader has picked up that passion is part of me.  I do not live in half measures.  When I love or believe or want to make a point it is done with passion.  I march forward with the passion of my beliefs.  Right or wrong – and there it is!

Earlier this week I was writing about the movie ‘Serendipity”.  In there is a dialogue between the two male characters, Jonathan and Dean.  Dean, an obituary writer for the NY Times was charged with giving the wedding toast for Jonathan and had writer’s block.    In the movie Dean tells he broke his writer’s block by writing Jonathan’s obituary.  Dean prefaced this with the following:

Dean: You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?”.

I like that.  Did I?  Do I?  Live with passion?  Resounding (I use this word often as it says passion) YES!!!  I believe in what I believe and share it shamelessly and loudly!  I have grown to want to be – no more passionately than want – I need to be factual when necessary.  I want to be tactful.  I want to be kind at all times.  I know I am the bull in the china shop at times only now I believe I am becoming more of a Ferdinand.

I will be asleep at midnight tonight so my goal will be attained quietly.  I will softly slip into the writing of tomorrow’s blog as usual knowing I am a success in my own small way.  I will continue to overcome the obstacles that come for the next 6 months to reach the ultimate goal of writing for one year.  In the meantime I am off to make a to do list then do the to do’s while I am still…………


One comment on “ODDS – ENDS – A GOAL AT MIDNIGHT

  1. HI kathy, Great blog today and was glad to get your blog after your New York trip. I admire you for being able to drive in New York City as I won’t even drive in Bangor. Went to Dover-Foxcroft today and tomorrow as you would say it is “Off to More Adventure”. It will be a long day and I am so looking forward to it. Going to Vassalboro and several other places I can’t remember but know it will be fun. We always stop for a good meal and I hit most of the bathrooms along the way!! Lots of good talks and lots and lots of laughter. I always have a great time. I take a book and knitting with me so that when Danny is in appointments I keep busy knitting the cotton dishcloths or reading or looking around whatever neighborhood we happen to be in. So to quote you “Off to More Adventure” tomorrow. Look forward to your blog when I get home tomorrow night.

    Love you always,


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