This time of year brings out the best in all people.  Perhaps with the exception of the shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  I am not a shopper so to stand in a line for hours to get one item is senseless to me.  I do not need it – whatever the IT is.  Even the year of the Cabbage Patch dolls I did not stand in line.  That was a bizarre time.  People were buying these dolls in England and having them shipped over here. I do not need anything that much.  For me it is not worth the effort.  In that particular time I walked into a Service Merchandise store and got what I wanted after the craze had passed.

A few posts ago I made a comment that it would be nice if there was a good news network.  Well there is one on the web. It is:

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Sadly I could not access the site for the good news without joining.

I was able to get to get a partial story of the season from the site. A young man named Matt Petronis did a good deed.  Shortly after his hometown of Breezy Point was hit by Sandy this teenager set up an online donation tool to help his area.   This young man utilizing technology and raised 80K for the rebuilding effort.

More specifically to Thanksgiving it was Dr. Alan Guerci’s story that caught my eye, when I caught wind of it on TV, and prompted this post.  He is the President and CEO of St. Francis Hospital, The Heart Center® in Roslyn, NY.  The hospital held a Gala before Thanksgiving each year.  I heard him say that there was a $75,000 deposit made for this event.  I think that is what caught my ears when I heard that number.  It seemed like a huge amount and I had to listen to see what in the world would command that deposit.

Dr. Guerci went on to say he did not believe it was the right thing to do to hold a gala when so many in their area had no homes let alone a Thanksgiving dinner.  He called the caterer for the gala and asked if he could make a different meal and would he mind moving to another venue?   ‘Sterling Affair’ said there would be no problem and provided the 2500 meals that volunteers and staff served at Long Beach Regional
Catholic School on Nov. 17th.

Throughout the rage of Sandy his hospital never lost power.  At the event he also had nurses available at the school to give flu shots and blood pressure checks.  I am certain these people will not forget this man, Dr. Alan Guerci.  He is one of many who have responded with heroic deeds of kindness.

Many of the residents that were devastated by Sandy were invited to have seats for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.  One lady commented that it was nice to have a bit of normalcy come back to their lives by watching the parade.

This year many of the Thanksgiving good news stories of random acts of kindness were about hurricane Sandy in the northeast at least.  Mayor Bloomberg of New York City provided 26,500 meals in 30 locations for victims of Sandy.

A lady in Toms River, NJ started a page on facebook asking people to adopt a family for Thanksgiving.  While I have no information about this I am betting this page will continue or convert to Christmas site asking people to adopt families.

I am certain that many of you who are reading this have contributed in your own way to some other families holidays.  Perhaps it was bring canned goods to church or sending a check to you local homeless center or inviting others who had nowhere else to go into your home.

A favorite story of mine is the large family that each Thanksgiving would go to their local military facility and invite these defenders of our country, strangers to them,  into their home over the holiday.  I thought that was a real gift for both parties!

The next month we will be reading good stories and not so good in our local papers and on TV.  I believe it is incumbent upon us to maintain an attitude of gratitude in December so that the majority of news is good.  I would vote to have it continue all year long!

TRIVIA OF THE DAY:  Did you that Swanson’s TV dinners were conceived from a  Thanksgiving disaster?   In 1953 C.A. Swanson Co had ordered too many turkeys.  In fact 260 tons of it.  It is said a salesman suggested  putting the leftovers into 5000 aluminum trays with sweet potatoes, frozen peas and cornbread and calling them TV Dinners.  The rest is history.  While the story is disputed it still makes for fun trivia.

The name TV Dinner is also a fun fact.  No one is sure whether it is because the tray was set up like a TV with the main meal in the center and the sides on either side like the speakers of a TV, or that there was a picture of a TV on the box or that the food was eaten on a tray while watching TV.  The result is not under dispute.  Swanson’s sold over 10 million of these in the first year of production.


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