Yesterday was a great day!  Food, Family and Friends – the three F’s – cannot beat it!!!  All that is wrapped up with the laughter which cold be added as a 4th F – frivolity!  A good day.

A final review says that the last minute choices for different desserts was a hit.  Have not made Nobby Apple Cake for Thanksgiving before.  In the fall I usually make a couple of these as the apples are so good and have not done so yet this year.  Thanksgiving seemed a logical place to put it in!  Crème Brule – who knew it would be as good as, and maybe even better than Graham Cracker Pie?  Even better as it was made and ‘fired’ by a budding 14 yr old chef!!!  Walks, naps, skateboard runs, Wii – what a good day.

As I was preparing for the holiday and reading different posts here and there I came across a recipe for cooking a turkey like Trica Yearwood.  I think it was cooked at 500 for 1 hour and sat in the oven for 6 more as it cooked.  I am not sure how that tastes.  Not trying it.  The thing that caught my attention was the lack of stuffing in this recipe.  The cavity of the bird contained 2 celery sticks some carrots and an onion..  I had forgotten that stuffing the cavities of the bird is not universal.  Even less universal now that many are frying turkeys.  By the way my stuffing process was slick as ever yesterday morning.

The first time I ran across not stuffing a bird was a visit to our friends in Arkansas.  We were in the process of moving from our home in Mississippi to Maryland so we were depleting our freezer and food stores.  I volunteered to bring a chicken for one of our meals over the course of our visit.  The bird could thaw on the 3 hr drive to their home.  When I got there I proceeded to fix the bird and stuff it.  My friend inquired what I was doing.  We entered into a discussion of stuffing and I discovered that she had not ever put it in the bird!  I love finding out different information like that.  It had not been a custom in her family.  I discovered since it is not a custom in many parts of our country.  I love the differences!!!

I do not go shopping on this day after Thanksgiving.  Depending on what is going on the rest of the weekend we may or may not put the Christmas tree up on this day.  The tree  IS going up today.  While I await the helpers to return and wake-up I will remember Thanksgivings past over my coffee.

Most Thanksgivings when we lived in Maine were at my aunt’s home.  The Friday after we would go back as my uncle from D.C. would be there with his family.  One of the first Thanksgivings I made in our home in Maine my sister (the next in the line of three) and her family came.  I remember having fun with all 4 adults peeling vegetables and laughing.  She remembers a walk in the snow after.

Another favorite memory of the day after Thanksgiving for me was in 2004.  My folks were visiting us in Missouri for the holiday.  Prior to Thanksgiving we had made the required tour of “my arch” which is how Millie referred to the St. Louis Arch.  This was the first time Dad had to show proof of a knee replacement to go through the gate at the Museum under the arch.  In line he was chatting with people as he does and got the normal response of you do not look that old when he told them he was 83!   It was a wonderful time before and including the feast on Thanksgiving Day!

The day after we decided spontaneously to go see ‘The Polar Express’ which had just opened.  Our daughter and her two kids were back over visiting and it just seemed like a good idea to hit the 11:30AM show when it would not be too crowded.

I was not yet dressed from breakfast so whipped upstairs to get ready.  I came down all clean with make-up on raring to go.  Our grandson looked at me with an odd expression.  He said “Grandmama do you have lipstick on?”  It was a bright red to match my sweater.  I answered, “Yes, don’t you like it?”  He responded, “No, I like plain old Grandmama.”  You have to know what came next.  I wiped off the lipstick and got a big hug!  Great memory.  I am not done.

At the movie we all settled in our seats.  We took up a whole row!  We are movie people.  Some people like sports, others movies and some like both.  For the most part we are a movie family.

‘The Polar Express’ is a fairly dark movie.  Not in plot or focus, it is dark in the lack of lighting and color as it takes place at night.  I really enjoyed it.  It was a bit scary in parts and our 4 year old grandson chose different laps in which to find comfort.  It was the same with his 2 yr old sister.

I was reduced to poignant tears at one point when I looked across to the end of the aisle.  There I saw my 83 yr old movie buff father holding my 4 year old movie lover grandson both enthralled with what was on the screen.  It was a circle of life moment.  Our daughter and I in our youth had been in that very same spot of my dad’s lap.  Four generations of movie-goers in the same row and the oldest was holding the youngest.  It was a beautiful sight.

Memories are wonderful and warm your heart.  Blessedly we are all, from my 91 year old dad to my now 12 year old grandson and the rest of our family, still making more each day!






  1. Hollie- I think we have a picture of us “cleaning out” the mashed potato bowl. I think we got matching jeans with suspenders at the mall too

  2. Oh no those super cool jeans were from school shopping. I remeber the bowl pic too,but I feel like the snow Thanksgiving was when we were small.

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