In my post this morning I told you how proud I was of myself last year for putting the stuffing in the baggie and then putting it in the bird in the morning.  Less mess and could sleep longer as it takes time to cut up the celery and onions and mix in the liquid and stuffing.

One good idea has just been improved!!  I pushed up another notch…….

I was getting ready to make it this morning and had to get a pan and I stopped – hmmmmmmmmmmm why not just mix it in the bag?

I cut up my onions and celery and put them in my 4 cup glass measuring cup.

I took 2 C broth and pour it over the whole deal .

I tossed it in the micro as they are to be soft and hot.

I put one bag of stuffing in my plastic bag.

I wanted a base as pouring warm/hot liquid into a plastic bag sounded like melting to me

I took out the glass-the liquid and veggies and poured it over the stuffing cubes in the bag

I mixed the liquid and dry together till blended

I added another bag of stuffing mix and the other two cups of liquid this time room temp

I mixed the whole thing together carefully with a spoon to make sure it was all blended

Sealed the bag and it is waiting to meet the birds butt tomorrow!!!

I really should sell this idea it is so good!!!

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