I can share with you some events in history that happened on November 9th.

1992 Howard Stern’s radio show begins broadcast in Las VegasNevada on KFBI

1989 East Berlin opens its borders

1976 U.N. General Assembly condemns apartheid in South   Africa

1966 John Lennon meets Yoko Ono at a London art gallery

1965 5:16 PM, massive power failure in New Engl, and Ontario (New   York blackout)

It is also the day in 1918 that Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and the Republic of Germany was formed.  Napoleon became the dictator of France on this day.  Carl Sagan, Mary Travers (Peter and Paul’s girl singer) and Spiro Agnew were all born on this day.  It is the day the Spencer twins were born, our daughter was baptized in 1975 and my brother got a BB in his eye on the same day.  Is it important for you?  Perhaps not.  For me it was life changing.  It was my wedding day.

Forty four years ago on this day I woke in my childhood home to a beautiful crisp fall day in Southwest Harbor, Maine.  It was amazing.  The day before had been a cloudy rainy cold day.  I spent some of the previous day at my friend Anna’s house as we waited for my bridesmaids to arrive.  I was bemoaning the fact that I had not heard from anyone especially my husband to be!

Forty four years ago on November 8th there was a blizzard across Massachusetts and Southern Maine and I had no idea how bad the roads were.  I did not understand this until the girls I had been waiting for had arrived.   We had no cell phones at that time.  I became very nervous for the others on the road and awaited a phone call from the hotel while I got the girls ensconced at Anna’s home.

At this point I was unsure whether my fiancée was coming north or had cut and run to Columbia, South   Carolina.  I remember I kept saying that and have no idea why the town unless it had been in the news at the time.  Eventually the call came, they were at the hotel and the rehearsal would begin on time.  The maid of honor and the best man did not show up as my sister and her boyfriend had gone to the airport to get my fiancées brother and his fiancée and the plane was late due to the storm.   We did the best we could and the night was gone.  I finished the evening with the bridesmaids at Anna’s and left at about 1AM.  What was tomorrow to bring?

The most glorious fall day I could ever imagine appeared before me when I awoke.  I got dressed and we had some pictures taken at home.  We did not have a professional photographer.  I could not afford it.  My girlfriend’s father was an amateur photographer and he did a really good job for us.  The girls had avocado green dresses.  They wore small little headpieces of fall colored leaves with a tiny veil.  When they were used for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding they were called ‘Fascinators’.  I was so far ahead of the time – who knew!!!

I wish I could describe the day so you could actually see and feel it.  The sun was shining bright and the sky was as clear a blue as I have ever seen it.  The breeze was not warm nor cold.  It had that feel of the breeze that comes the first day you know that fall is in the air.  It has a tinge of cool as it blows over your sun warmed skin.  It was a day when you could go without a coat yet be more comfortable with a sweater.  The water in the harbor had sparkles on it like diamonds as the sun rays touched it.  The water was moving to the deep dark color of winter’s cold green blue teal not the lighter blue of summer.   It is so funny that I remember the feel of the day more than the activities.

I do not remember getting my gown on the pictures assure me that I did!  I do remember waiting in the house for my young cousin Leslie to come to drive Dad and I to the church.  He had just gotten his driver’s license and this was a big deal for both of us as he is one of my favorite cousins.

I remember arriving at the church.  I had a momentary tinge that it was not my own church.  My husband is a Catholic so we were married in the local Catholic church.  One of the first weddings in the new design award winning St. Peter’s in Manset, Maine.  My minister was participating in the service and the Priest was a friend of my uncle’s which made it all a bit less different for me.

I remember walking in the door to the aisle and looking down to see this wonderful man looking back at me.  I had all I could do not to run to him.   Another of my uncle’s sang a song and someone’s pearls broke as I heard them falling to the floor.  I remember Father Gower telling us to leave a space for Jesus at our table or in our home.

The one other memory of this part of my day that stays in my minds eye and my heart was the beautiful blonde boy beside the priest.   I remember being filled with angst and joy all in one second.  I have no idea how to describe that to you except to say it was a cringe and smile within seconds.  There stood Steve, my young cousin.  I had forgotten to get an altar boy.  Not being Catholic I had no idea.  In the same instance Steve became a symbol of my deceased mother’s presence as he was her brother’s son.  It still is an amazing memory.  Mistake and love all at the same time.

Our reception was grand and fun.  We left for our honeymoon.  We had $125 to have a honeymoon and we had to be back in our apartment in upstate NY for work on Tuesday.  This was a couple of nights ‘going north’ we told everyone.  The storm had started to come so we went south for a one night then turned around the next day to get my things to head to NY to start our married life.  Our wedding day was a glorious fall day sandwiched between two blizzards.  I have often thought that this bode well for our marriage to be able to have joy amidst the storm. That was my best November 9th!

Today 44 yrs later it is still a great day.  The weather outside is almost the same as the original, maybe cooler.  I have given birth to two children as well as usurping another dear girl into our family.  I have been all over this country and some of the world.  My husband and I have had highs and lows and ups and downs and are still madly in love with each other.  We choose love daily and work hard to keep our marriage strong.

I have focused anniversary note to my husband on our day.  To focus on him and my love for him and the life he has given me would be way to personal.  I believe he is a gift from God for me.  There is no other explanation of how a man from upstate NY could find a girl from the coast of Maine through a pen-pal at a wedding and have it stick!  I am blessed.  WBT, I love you more today than yesterday and twice as much as tomorrow!

Next year we will celebrate our 45th!  TODAY I am declaring this coming year to Nov. 9, 2013 as a year of celebration for us!!!  This will be on top of the year I am already celebrating for my 65th birthday.  From now to June 23rd it will be mayhem for me with double celebratory festivities.  You see we are married a whole year before we reached our first anniversary so this next year is really our 45th year together so why not…..C E L E B R A T E   GOOD   TIMES – C O M E  O N!!!


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  1. Loved the description of the wedding ~ you have a great memory for that day!
    I do remember a roll being thrown across the room at the reception! Didn’t realize Les drove you and dad to the wedding ~ he did for ours, too.
    Happy Anniversary to you and Bill!


  2. Uh, I know you meant it to be “I love you more today that yesterday but only half as much as tomorrow.” Right now I am listening to that great song by Spiral Staircase. That’s a gift. Thanks.

    This was a great read. It brought my back 42.5 years to our wedding day. Happier today than ever and looking forward to more fun.

  3. Happy anniversary, Kathy and Bill! I was too young to remember the wedding, but I remember visiting you (and baby Billy) in Syracuse a few years later. Great to see a strong marriage only get stronger over the years. Love, your cousin Jerry (the altar boy’s little brother).

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