Do you have a favorite day of the whole year?  I do and it is today.  It is not the date, Nov. 5th, though today is a good one.  Today is our favorite son-in-law’s birthday – Happy Birthday Dave.  It is also the anniversary of the day I cast my first vote in the Presidential election of 1968 in Southwest Harbor, Maine as a registered Democrat.  I brought little pride to my active Republican father with that act.  I was 21 and rebellious – please!  This year, after being granted absolution a few years back, I have already cast my vote for the next President of the United States Gov. Mitt Romney.

Today is my very favorite day.  I like this day as it is the first day we ‘fall back’ off Daylight Savings Time.  It is darker at supper time and that is what I love.  For me it is cozy and warm and welcomed.  It is a time that says slow down winter is on it’s way and here comes a slower time of life for the next few months.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming that may not be true in reality – it is the feeling I get.  In fact the first Monday, after we fall back, is not even the first day of this period of time it is the second.

Why do I love this day?  There is no logical reason.  I cannot give facts or thoughts about the why.  I can tell you what I feel on this day.  This day evokes memories in me of Christmas shopping in my hometown with the street lights on and a light snow beginning to fall.  This memory of shopping with the snow falling brings a tingling to my body reminiscent of goose bumps.  It is happy.  It tastes rich and yummy like my aunt’s creamy graham cracker pie.  Remembering this I am enveloped with a warm hug like one from our grandchildren squeezing hard.   It is good!

When this day swings around I want my house all cleaned up.  I try to have it all neat and tidy and the clutter gone.  It becomes a work day for me that I enjoy.  It usually does not take long to bring some order to the kitchen and family rooms and those are the rooms I care about most this day.

I want a nice dinner on the table in the evening.  I no longer have children coming home from school that need a good supper.   Truth be know some of our suppers are now much simpler and may even be just sandwiches!  On this night I still want the table set and a full meal to serve.  Lots of times I make a roast chicken – stuffing and all – for this evening’s meal.  That was when this day was in October.  Being so close to Thanksgiving this year I am going to make a tasty pot roast with veggies cooked right in the juices in the same pan.  I want my home to be full of welcoming odors when the door is open.

I want this day to be cool outside so the warm inside hits you as you walk into the house.  Of course that does not happen every year.  I think I have a better chance of that now that November has the ‘fall back’ date.  It is chilly out today!!!

Writing this all down allows me to see just how silly this all will appear to a reader.  Not to me.  I believe it is a nesting instinct that grows in me.  I am gathering my chicks or nuts and feathering my nest.  Not literally of course.  It is a figurative form of readiness for the winter that is to come and I like it.  I am preparing for a hibernation.

The real deal is that despite the fact that the weather where I live and have lived the last 20 yrs. no longer cooperates with my need for hibernation the feeling still exists.  It comes around each year when we fall back and change our clocks.  The dark night comes  and snuggles me into my home where I enjoy warmth and love.

This day this year I am counting my blessings for all of the above.  There are so many just a few short hours from me that will not be able to share this even if they wanted to do so as Sandy has ripped their lives away.  I am filled with sorrow for them.  I pray daily that their circumstances are alleviated as fast as they can be.

Tonight as I sit in our warm home at our comfortable table with a delicious roast with the dark and cold outside I will remember that all we have is truly a gift from God.  The grace before our meal will reflect our thanksgiving.



PS…I have to add a note of thanksgiving for a special lady who called yesterday worried as my blog was not up – luckily I was okay and fixed the error – thanks!



  1. You don’t sound so darn crazy. This point in the year I feel the exact same way. Well felt. Here in California it is really tough to get into the comfy secure huddling together spirit. I mean for goodness sake it’s 94 out. Crazy! Here’s to hoping for some cooler weather!

  2. Another great blog today. Went on the road with Danny today and between appointments we had some time to kill so he said “Do you want to go to the Book Store? Of course, I said sure. Didn’t plan to buy anything, just look around. Came out with 4 books (but as I told him, winter is coming and there may be a lot of snow). Of course I have probably 30 or more I have not yet read! However I am preparing with the things I like to do. So now a trip to Shirley’s in Hancock is in order to get a few skeins of yard in case I decide to make something! Probably in the spring I will be giving the yard to the Lioness for their sale or something but I will be prepared for winter!!

    Really enjoying your blogs. I go to vote tomorrow. Hope I can get there early so I don’t have to stand in line. Another trip on Wednesday to Jonesport, America and on Friday to Redfield and Wiscasset (spelling my not be correct.

    Love you always

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