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In light of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy this seemed an appropriate question this morning. In church I heard the Mark 12:28-34 scripture that includes “You shall love your neighbor as yourself”.  Have we been seeing this in our world lately and will we see it in the coming week?  I hear there is another storm on its way.  Not just the election – a real weather related event.

We have seen some of this since Sandy.  I really would love to have a television station,, a news channel, as well as a website devoted to only good news.   As I type I am betting there is a website like this somewhere on the net and if not – voila – a new good idea!  What I am seeing on the news are stories of gas lines, people pulling guns, people complaining about lack of government help.  Where is FEMA?  Where is the help?

I am not negating the problems and I am certain help is trying to get there.  I read a post on facebook from a volunteer trying to get to NYC.  He said he could not find a room as all had been booked for the race.  The cancellation of the marathon he was hoping would release some place for him to stay to come up and help.  I was stymied as to why the race was even going to continue at all. I was relieved when the mayor canceled it.  I am certain help is on the way though delayed due to road closures and emergency help.

My heart broke when I saw a lady crying abut the loss of her home of 42 yrs.  I cried when I saw a mother whose two children were washed away from her.  I wished I could come up with some way to help other than send money.  I want to be a good neighbor and I do love those people who are suffering.

My mind quickly passed through another thought with loving thy neighbor.  This election of 2012 has had some on both sides saying some strong words.  It is my hope that when the election is over that no animus remains.  I heard Mitt Romney say in a speech that we must walk across the street and reach over the “aisle”.  He was telling those in attendance that he was going to work with all of congress and said we all had to work together as well.  He said walk across the street (his assumption is that he will be the winner) and go to a neighbor who has the other guy’s sign in their yard and talk with them as the friend and neighbor they still are.   We have been divided for too long.  I hope this works both ways for a real United   States of America.

As faith filled people we are called to love our neighbors.  As Americans we have shown over and over again that neighbor takes care of neighbor when times are tough.  America loves her neighbors and we are the first responders throughout the world.  It is hard to see failure in our own country.  Having had some not so nice neighbors I know this is a hard thing to do and it is done all the time.

In his homily (sermon) this morning Monsignor Hopkins told the story of a Jewish Rabbi.  I did not have a pen and pencil and found it on the web when I returned home.


For instance, much has been made of the Talmudic story (Shabbat 31a) in which Hillel, when asked by a prospective convert to Judaism to teach him the whole Torah while he stood on one leg, replied: ‘That which is hateful unto you do not do to your neighbor. This is the whole of the Torah, The rest is commentary. Go forth and study.’

This leads to the ‘Golden Rule’ of ‘do unto others as you want done unto yourself.’  This has been around since ancient China The Golden Rule existed among all the major philosophical schools of Ancient ChinaMohismTaoism, and Confucianism

Are we the neighbors to others that we want living next door to us?  I tried to find numbers to publish to help those effected by Hurricane Sandy and I could only find the Red Cross – 1-800-733-2767  or a text to the word REDCROSS at 90999.  Many churches are taking up special collections this weekend.  I am certain many local charities are as well.  Contact them to help Hurricane Sandy survivors.  I could find no individual numbers for the states of New York and New Jersey.  I will add them if I find them.

Who is my neighbor?  Anyone in need and I will help if I can.



One comment on “WHO ARE OUR NEIGHBORS?

  1. Glad you were OK and it was just an error but I truly was worried that you were sick or something. I can rest easy now. It was a great blog and I hope a lot of people read it and get something out of it. I know I did. Glad you are OK but you have been posting so faithfully that I (just like Auntie would do) went into a panic that something most be wrong!

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