I get the biggest kick out of people who complain about our government.  Well we all do at one point.  I am talking about the ones that complain and when asked – did you vote they say NO.  I have taken to telling them then they have no right to complain.  Our ‘constitutional right’ of complaining comes when we execute our constitutional right to vote.

As voters we are hiring a person for the job of President of the United States.  Both of the candidates meet the requirements.  So who is the best choice.  When hiring a person one looks at the resume and other factors.  We of course want to hire the top talent and we have gone through a process to find the best two candidates.

From I found an interesting synopsis:

Four hiring practices of highly successful organizations
The study revealed that the organizations with the most effective hiring policies were more likely to use the following four practices:

  • Job interviews in which candidates are asked to describe specific examples of their skills
  • Automated resume screening and search
  • Assessments that predict whether candidates are motivated by the factors associated with a particular job or a company’s  values and ways of doing things
  • Simulations that gauge specific job-related abilities and skills

I believe the interviews, resume screening and search are completed as we have President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney vying for the job.  The candidates are now openly describing their skills so that first bullet is completed as well.  It is for the employer – the American People –  to now make assessments to see if the candidates are motivated by ‘a company’s values and ways of doing things’.  We can also judge if they have the skills and abilities to do the job.  So let’s look as clinically as I can.

JOB SKILLS (ways of doing things):

Candidate Obama proceeded with bankruptcy of the car companies with public funds.

Candidate Romney believed in a structured bankruptcy with private funds and govt. guarantees.


Candidate Obama pushed through a partisan government run insurance plan Obamacare.

Candidate Romney work with a Democrat legislature to implement Romneycare.


Candidate Obama said he would work across the aisle and bring bi-partisanship back to DC.

Candidate Romney worked with a 85% Democrat legislature as Governor.


Candidate Obama pushed green energy to the loss of stimulus money.

Candidate Romney believes we must use resources we have and be energy independent.


Candidate Obama has a record of spending and not working with Congress.

Candidate Romney has a record of working across the aisle and balancing a budget.


Candidate Obama has no business experience.

Candidate Romney has run successful businesses as well as the Olympics.


Candidate Obama has regulated small businesses to closure.

Candidate Romney believes small businesses run this country.



Candidate Obama attended a church where the minister said things like “G__D__America”

Candidate Romney served as a minister in his church.


Candidate Obama was very open in his books about his recreational drug and alcohol abuse.

Candidate Romney has never used recreational alcohol or drugs.


Candidate Obama criticizes America.

Candidate Romney praises America.


Candidate Obama wants to transform America.

Candidate Romney wants to restore America.


On Nov. 6th we will all hire the man we believe can lead America for the next four years.  I believe we need a man of character and strength and I believe that man is Mitt Romney.  I have not been quiet about this fact.   I voted in 2008 and that gives me the right to complain.

I have been critical of our current President.  He has given me much of which to criticize.  I look to a candidate running for office to keep his promises as an act of character.  The President has kept few.  His most recent acts call his character back to mind for me.  In Benghazi there was much confusion. I am not sure a clear picture is out even now almost 2 months later.  The one thing that is blatantly obvious from what we do know is that the President knew what was going on and for weeks he and his staff were not truthful about the incident with the American Citizens – his employer!  Another item is his response to Sandy – he was there in one day!  It took him 7 days to get to the JoplinMO disaster, 14 days to the oil spill in the Gulf and ignored the flood in Tennessee. Hurricane Sandy happened the week before election day.  You make your own decision on these character points.

One of my favorite quotes is “Character is what you do when no one is looking.”  I want to hire a man to run our country who is a man of character and believes in service to country and others.  Mitt Romney is a man of character.  I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

We are hiring a man to run the United  States of America.  Let these, their own words, speak for the candidates.


Candidate Obama said this week that ‘Oh no don’t boo – vote.  Vote. Voting is the best revenge’.

Candidate Romney said this week that we must ‘…vote for love of country’.


If you want the right to complain about how President Romney runs the country you must vote Nov. 6th!



  1. sometimes NOT voting is a Vote….in my opinion. If I do not like ANY of the candidates them why would you vote for them. I did vote this year…but in my humble opinion I will have to disagree with the “not complaining thing”, (this time).From the movie War Games
    “Sometimes the best way to win is to not play at all”

  2. I absolutely love how well written this blog is. You have expressed the fact, yes the facts, so clearly. You have stated these facts in away everyone can understand, can get. This is one of those writings so many more need to read! Love it!

  3. You can definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

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