Piece of cake – for us.  Sandy is still raging and we are praying for everyone else who is still in her path.  At 5AM this morning every state east of the Mississippi was being affected by Sandy in rain or wind or snow.  Over 8 million people are without power.  Two million of them are in the New York City area and another 2 million in New Jersey.  New Jersey and New York have been declared disaster areas.  Many an ocean pier has been washed away.  Much of the Boardwalk in Atlantic City has been flooded away.  Many areas were flooded.  There are fires and coming this morning rising tides that will be bringing more water.  Then there was snow on the west side of her in West Virginia.

This epic storm reached from the shore of New Jersey to the shores of the Great Lakes.  Wall Street in New York became a river.  A New York City substation blew up and power was lost.  Sandy directly involved 17 states.  At one point the entire Atlantic Seaboard from Virginia to Maine was under assault from Sandy.    

The work that meteorologists do is breath taking in its scope.  We could see the path and estimated times of arrival.  They were not far off.  For us it appeared that it was going to go directly over our house – literally.  Maybe that was the best place to be.  Many times when storms are coming our way they veer north or south and we sit in a small trough and get no weather when I might want a rainy or snowy day.  This time I am grateful. 

This storm was the most interesting weather mix I have ever seen.   I do not understand all the intricacies of it still.  I know we had one storm coming from the west to east.  We had Sandy coming up the coast with a 1000 mile wide storm area.  It came up and turned from the east to west.  The storms were going to meet.  The winds came in 90 mph gusts.  We had, if we could have seen it, a full moon phase of the lunar cycle.  During the course of the storm we had high tides bringing more water in larger measure than normal.

I think the best thing was the preparedness that has so improved since Katrina.  We who were not involved in Katrina sat by and watched as authorities failed to implement plans. We watched people not heed warnings.  We saw loss of life.  I believe people watched listened and learned.  There seems to be much more warning and much more listening and much less loss of life as people prepare.

We made all the preparations that we could.  Sandy stopped by though ever so lightly.  The most we got was strong wind and rain.  After that when the eye arrived it was the eerie quiet then a little more of the same.  The hardest thing was sitting up babysitting the power so we could start the generator if it went out. It never did. We got off easy.  We sigh a big ‘thank you Lord’ of relief.

I started with a flippant remark and I end with sincere belief.  While we are now cleaning up in this country even with the wet and rain still here blowing I believe that all will be well soon.  You will see the kindness of strangers kick in as America does what she does best – pull together to help each other.  Neighbors will help neighbors.  Strangers will send canned goods and monies to alleviate the costs of restructuring.  Sandy may have devastated, still be devastating, our country, she cannot destroy our goodness. 


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