On Friday of last week we got a call from our county emergency preparedness line telling us that a state of emergency was being declared and we had to be prepared for the coming storm.  They said that we could get further info via phone.  If we wanted to list a cell phone for notifications we were to go to their website and do so.  This is the second time we have received this kind of call.  The other time was Hurricane Irene.  We prepared for Irene. 

Well we are prepared all the time.  I grew up in the state of Maine.  We have weather there – all sorts.  We have hurricanes, snowstorms, blizzards, nor’easters.  I am not sure I have ever heard of a tornado in Maine.  We experienced that living in Missouri.  It was North Carolina that taught me the lesson.

When we moved from Maine I let my cellar pantry go.  The house we were moving into had a lovely large kitchen pantry though it was not as large as a basement.  In North Carolina I thought I would only keep 5# of flour ahead as the store was ten minutes away not 30 if I should run out of something.  I thought that the weather would be calmer with few storms until the first snow was predicted. 

I normally went to the grocery at 8:30AM after the school bus came and continued the same in NC.  One day I was coming out of the store an hour or so later and droves of people were coming into the parking lot.  I could not imagine what was happening.  I heard the snow prediction on the radio.  Once the flurries came accident upon accident happened as I judged people did not know how to drive in snow.  I vowed to stock the pantry as much as I could like Maine.  I did not want to be on the roads if weather came as these people did not seem to know how to handle snow.  I have kept that up ever since.  I have 25# of flour, bottled water, powdered milk, canned milk, and canned goods of all sorts in our basement.  I do not need to ever go prepare for a storm.  I live in a state of readiness.  Then again I am also married to an Eagle Scout!

For Irene we added a generator to our preparedness.  I am not so sure it was simply for Irene or also for the fact that we are anticipating getting another travel trailer of some sort.  It served two purposes at the time of purchase.

Cute story – our neighbor spoke with my husband about Irene the coming storm.  There was the possibility of loosing power and we have sump pumps in our basements.  If that pump stops then the basement floods.  The generator will alleviate that.  My husband told the neighbor we had a small 1000W generator to take care of our pump.  It was a good idea he thought.  The next thing we knew he had a whopping 7000W generator under his deck.

Irene only brought rain to us though we were all prepared.  My husband had a tarp set over our garage so the generator could be outside and he could start it without getting wet.  Our neighbors 7000W beauty did not get used either.  He has, and deservedly so, taken full credit for the lack of disturbance from Irene.  He believes he scared the daylights out of that storm.  I did not disagree and took him cookies later that week!

So we are facing Sandy.  Last summer my husband decided since he had not used the 1000W that he would trade it in on a 4000W as there was a better sale at Harbor Freight and Salvage – his store of choice.  The 4000W is gassed and ready.  We have 5gal. of gas ready.  Both vehicles have full tanks.  We have milk, bread and other essentials on the shelves. 

This could be a really big deal.  Sandy is coming up the coast and going to meet up with a storm coming from the west.  Together they are being called the Perfect Storm or the Storm of the Century.  Worse than Irene is the forecast.  We will see. 

We have no control over the weather.  We do not panic.  We prepare.  We pray.  We pray that those who have experienced this storm are okay and will get back to normal quickly.  We pray that those who are in its path have taken the prescribed precautions.  We pray that once Sandy hits the land that she tuckers out and her strength is diminished to a rain occurrence only.  If she does not we pray that no harm comes to anyone for the duration of her wrath.

We are ready.  If we lose power we will survive.  We have flashlights and batteries for our radios.  We can read.  While I will not be able to iron I can still work at cleaning out the basement and setting up my craft cave!  OR NOT! Sandy will hopefully be no more than an inconvenience.



  1. Sandy – Storm of the Century

    …or at least the decade.

    Many good hurricane tips today, thank you. We are situated just north of the projected path of Sandy’s eye. Lots of wind, but only 5 to 6″ of rain. We just noticed that the storm drains to our lake are just beginning to pump backwards. The lake is full. We have another 2 feet of rise before our crawl space would be endangered. We have only come close to a high enough flood when we had our last “Storm of the Century” about 6 or 7 years ago. Seems like these centuries are getting shorter and shorter. They must be tuned into the same cycle of development as IPhones.

    During that storm of the century, the old-old wooden dam at a lake about 5 miles from here burst dumping the water from that lake down into the next lake. Unfortunately many of the lakes around here are connected for drain-off so over the next hour one lake after another broke through their lower dams until most of the overflow spilled down into our tiny lake. The level rose about 4 feet above normal and approached our doorstep. Our daughter lost her car about 3 miles from home on flooded streets and had to walk and wade home. In our neighborhood the water was knee to mid-thigh-high in the streets. Her car never recovered and was towed away to a better life.

    For this storm we made a bunch of ice in bags, pots of water in the fridge and filled our tubs for flushing. We have no generator, but we’re good at meditation in the dark with plenty of candles if we want some light. We have prepared from a food standpoint with lots of cold pizza in the fridge and a new supply of baklava flavored Greek frozen yogurt which we will have to eat as soon as the power goes out. Luckily we are heading for an extended term of snow-birding in sunny Florida in another week, so we have been systematically eating down our refrigerated, pantried and frozen stores during the past month. If we get really low on supplied during the hurricane, there are always the 7 year-old fruit rollups our daughter left on her second to last move out. Yup we are ready for Sandy. Bring it on!

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