Dearest Beautiful Person,

I am in receipt of the news of your struggles.  Suffice it to say that I have been and am more aware of your struggles than you would acknowledge.   My heart is ever so heavy and I have no idea how to help.  I am so far away physically yet in my heart and soul I am a right by your side. 

What can I possibly say to alleviate your pain or even move you forward?  I have thought about this for a long time.  Many quotes came to my mind the first was from a movie and I have used it as the tagline above.  “Take care of you”…..”Take care of you.”  It is a quote from a conversation between Kit and Vivian in “Pretty Woman.”  They are both hookers and say “Take care of you” to each other whenever they part.  It warms my heart when I hear it as it seems to be the best thing they can do for each other in their horrid occupation.  They take care of themselves first to be present when the other needs help. 

Another quote I came across the other day was from Lewis G. Carroll and it said, “All that is really worth doing is what we can do for others.” 

I try to live in my faith and today’s Gospel scripture was Mark 10:45 and it says that ‘Jesus came to serve not to be served’. 

Lastly think of an airplane.  What do they tell you in the instructions – they tell us to take the oxygen for ourselves before our children. 

It all sounds so counter cultural doesn’t it.  In our country at this time there is a big push to live a ‘me’ centered selfish lifestyle.  All things are for my own pleasure – the latest iGadget or plasma screen or car.  Every single one of the quoted examples above are telling us it is okay to take care of ourselves first with a proviso – we must be doing it for others benefit.  Is it contradictory or healthy?

I am thinking it is healthy in these instances to take care of you first.  If I take care of myself I am here to smother my grandchildren with love and gifts.  If I take care of myself first I am here to feed my family.  I am here to help out my neighbors as they need.  When I cook too much I can share it.  When I am going somewhere I can offer a ride.  I am doing as I wish and serving as well.

Now to wow you with my knowledge!  The following quote has been accredited to Plato, Socrates and Aristotle.  Is that not heady company for me to be searching through???  The quote and I love it is, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”  Let this not be misconstrued.  All life is worth living.  I believe this quote is telling us to live life and examine everything. 

I was looking for this quote and came across a website called relaxfocussucceed.com.  An example used there refers to our lives as maps.  They ask the question of who can find a destination better – a person with a map or a person without a map. 

I really enjoy maps.  I have never though of my life with this concept.  Using it I could chart the map of my life with peaks and valleys.  The peaks would be varying heights and the valleys different depths.  The highest peaks would be my marriage and children I am sure.  The lowest valleys would reflect the loss in my life.  The roads would lead literally and figuratively to where I have been in the past. 

Charting this all out makes an interesting picture. I relate it to the collage of my life that heads the blog site.  Finding all those images to describe me and then paint the picture gave me a real sense of who I am.  Using the map analogy, when I can clearly see what I have lived I think it might be easier to map a future. 

I am not sure I or anyone can do this without guidance.  I am certain everyone who does this, either through a journal or with a counselor, will have a better life.  How can it not be so?  If I know the valleys I can choose a path around when warning signs are in the way.

You are a wonderful child of God deserving all good things.  I use God in the generic as I am not certain where your faith lies.  God does love you Beautiful Person.  I am with you.  I am telling you that the choice is yours.  I hope you choose to take care of you to benefit all the others including me!

I Love You,


The above is a letter I could have written to many people over the course of my life.  Today it seemed important to put these words down for all the Beautiful People who may be reading this blog.  Take care of You!




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