Frenetic is a great word.  Have I mentioned that I like words?  While my vocabulary is not extensive by collegiate means it is large by normal I believe.  When I find a word I like I have to try it out.

This morning I was here there and everywhere with what I was going to write.  I was in politics for a minute.  I was at a football game in my mind.  I was trying to remember last nights dream.  I thought about writing a note on the itch I could not reach to scratch.  I’ve received a tough phone call this morning that I have put into prayer.  I was looking over the leaves that are going way too quickly as fall flies by.  I was really struggling on a focus.

There it was – no focus frenetic.  Webster’s says frenetic is an adjective and means frenzied.  Frenzy means violent mental agitation or delirious excitement.  The first definition, though not sure it is violent, seemed to fit this morning – frenzied – frenetic. 

The one thing that was sticking in my mind is the plum wool V neck sweater and matching wool plaid Evan Picone slacks I bought myself my junior year in high school.  Why?  I have no idea.  I just remember going to Sachsman’s and buying it with my own money.  A friend of mine also bought the same brand slack in a green striped.  We thought we were something.  Actually truth be told these were very expensive.  The slacks were fully lined and we looked like a million bucks.  For what?  I again have no idea.  We did not have football at our school to need warm clothes.  I remember wearing this outfit to a couple of neighboring school’s games and had a real sense of high self esteem.  Clothes in that case did make the girl.

I worked hard each summer to buy my own school clothes.  I bought some very nice things and lots of name brands.  Funny how things change!  Once I started to really make my own clothes the labels seem to fade away and quality of the item took over.  Labels do not always mean quality.  In the same vein you can also find quality labels in lower stores that are great buys.  What remains still is the fact that if you feel great with the clothes on your skin then you will project great.  Odd little item.  So that was the football game thought.

The politics remain the disgust with this current administration and their misuse of the American trust.  They have lied and cheated and now are involved in a cover-up worse than Watergate I believe as people died in this case.  I have proclaimed on facebook and do so here as well that I believe that the Romney – Ryan ticket will win big in Nov. and the country will be better for it.  I believe that the Republican ticket will take all the states they need for a 300 +/- Electoral College win.  I have it written on a piece of paper here as my husband does not agree.  Further I believe a majority of women will go for Romney and I believe fewer blacks will vote for Obama.  Let it be written.  Or check out the results of the College in Denver that projects the same.

The dream was the weirdest thing.  The itch was hysterical.  I woke at 4ish to go to the potty.  I got back into bed and the middle of my back itched.  You know that spot that no matter how hard to try to reach it your arms are just not long enough?  I would not wake the ‘purring’ person beside me though I did roll him over to stop the purr!  I got out of bed and went up to a door sill and scratched my back over it until I the itch had gone.  Back to bed.  I woke from a sleep at 5ish with the same darned itch.  What in the world was going on?  The door sill was not working so I thought of a comb. 

I went under my sink in the dark to grab a comb.  I did not want to turn on the light to wake the ‘purrer’.  My hands were searching around and all of a sudden they touched bristles.  I did not think I owned a brush any longer.  Then I remembered I bought one at the spa after I had my haircut.  The girl said I HAD to have this particular brush to get my hair the way she styled it.  I paid the $$$ for it and away I went.  I have used it twice since I have been home.  It is difficult for me to style my hair with the angles she said I needed to hold my hairdryer in the other hand.  The idea of two hands going two different directions is hard for me to comprehend at my advanced years I guess.

I pulled out the brush and scraped it across my back and scraped it across my back and again.  AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….at last I can say that the money I spent to buy this brush was money well spent.  To sleep to dream a better dream I now had a tool to alleviate any itch.  The other thought that came to mind was maybe in my next life my arms could be gorilla length!


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