I entered the world of internet language with our granddaughter yesterday.  She sent me an email and said, ‘Hi PEEPS”.  Now I know enough cyber slang to know that this anachronism meant ‘people’.  Since she only has one grandparent named “Grandmamma” I was saddened to see it not used.  I understand the ‘cool’.  For goodness sakes I sometimes referred to my father as ‘Daddio’!  I decided to look further into all this language.

It is a new way of talking and we who are older must quickly learn or be left behind.  I called it ‘cyber slang’ as I found that was one of the names used for this phenomenon.  It is also called ‘net speak’ or chat speak’.  It is ‘Greek’ to me however and that means I do not speak ‘Greek’!!!

Today I began my post with ‘cyber slang’.  I had to use GMA for Good Morning World as the W in this language stands for George W Bush – who knew this slang W did  not stand for world?  The information junkie (translation to cyber speak is ‘info addict’) in me of course sent me to the web for further enlightenment.

I found the website –  – web abbreviations.  Here it says there are 8517 of these bits of cyber slang.  Below is an example from the home page.


Up For Grabs


Just Got Back


What Shall We Talk About?


In Honor Of


Farewell For Now


Don’t Need To Know


Away From Real Life


Out Of This World


Stay In Touch


Never In Doubt


Fear Of Missing Something


You Are Very Welcome


Same Time Next Year

The funny thing to me is that like my example of information junkie to cyber slang info addict – there is not much difference in some examples.  The often used LOL – laughing out loud – does eliminate lots of letters.  It would lead one to believe you just use the first letters of the word.  Easy way to learn until you discover that the internet clang for Money is LOLLY – where does this make sense???  Another anachronism for Money is PAPER which makes more sense.  When did a COOKIE become a small thing relating to a website and not a sweet treat to hold in your hand?

It really does mess up a logical mind even further with C meaning COMPUTER LANGUAGE so why does not W stand for world?  I could understand SWAK from when I was a kid.  I even got PS for Post script and all the elemental table letters.  I was on board with PAD meaning house.  Or when we left Maine in 1990 and were introduced to the world of PUDs (planned urban developments) I accepted that.  Then the world became @.@ (confused).

As if letters were not enough numbers and symbols also are in the mix.  Who knew that 4/20 was anything other than the 20th day of April.  It is also ‘WEED smoking day’!  And of course we all know that 459 stand for ILY or I love you.  The only number conversion I ever knew was 7734 for hell upside down! 

There is a whole world out there in this language.  I bet you can even write a complete letter using just these abbreviations.  I do not have enough time to try – have to make this POTD (post of the day) and then come up with my POA (plan of action) for my COD (call of duty) to get things in shape for the LOML (love of my life)  and DIN DIN (supper).


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