I watched the Biden-Ryan in great amazement.  I knew who Paul Ryan was and had a small idea of the moderator.  Who in the world was the ‘other guy’?  I thought Joe Biden was going to show up for this debate.  The man that was sitting there looked eerily like the Joker from Batman.  Seriously did you catch it?  When he was in a major grin, which was often, the shape of his face was almost the same triangular shape as that of the Joker in the Batman comics.  It does not give me a warm feeling that the Joker is a heart beat away from running this country.  I think I was okay when I thought it was Joe Biden.

The debate physically had an interesting setting.  I am used to podiums with debates.  Sitting next to each other seemed to have set the scene for familiarity.  What is it they say about familiarity that it breeds contempt.  If that is true then the setting certainly was enhanced with Good Ole Joe’s antics.

I believed debates were filled with respect and decorum.  That thought was shattered on Thursday by Biden’s actions.  He guffawed, laughed, interrupted and acted for the whole 90 minutes.  There was one and only one place that I saw truth and that was when he was talking about his first wife and the accident.  With that exception I believe Joe Biden was acting a role in a play.  He was ad-libbing and playing the part of a good ole boy who knew more than this young pup next to him.  He was disrespectful and ridiculous.  One pundit said he believed he was supposed to act aggressive though not like a clown.  I believe we saw the clown.  Never in my life would I ever anticipate calling our Vice President a clown.  His actions on Thursday lead to no other conclusion.

I listened to all the pundits on the 11 hour drive I had yesterday.  It is reported that Joe Biden interrupted 80+ times.  I am thinking that if they were at podiums this might have been easier to moderate.  He used the word fact over 26 times in various ways.  He outright lied and gave misleading information.

He said, “We did not know…”.  It was just the day or two before that Ms Lamb testified on Capitol Hill that they had been watching the raid on Benghazi almost in real time.  There had been no protest about a video.  If Joe Biden had been aware of what was going on in his world he might have known that some one knew.  If it was not he and the President then we are in real trouble. 

He said the middle class below $1 Million would have no tax increase.  The number his administration has been using is $250,000 I think.

He said the recession fell out of the sky with a great flourish of his arms.  I was interested in fact checking this.  It has received much play on facebook by those who support Obama as a real high point.  The facts behind this are a little fuzzy for good ole Joe.  He said ‘they’ put two wars, a prescription drug benefit and a trillion dollar tax cut for the wealthy on a credit card.  The fact, Joe’s favorite word on Thursday, is that it was not ‘they’.  Good Ole Joe voted for both wars.  He also voted for a prescription drug bill just not the one that was signed into law.

He said that Mitt Romney said that it would be a good idea to have GM go into bankruptcy instead of rescuing it.  The fact is that Romney said that it should go through a private financial restructure.  That means using private funds not public.  GM was bailed out with a public restructuring using OUR money.  Same thing happened only difference was public vs. private monies.

Lastly he said that Obamacare did not discriminate against the Catholic Church.  Paul; Ryan’s answer was spot on.  The Government is being sued by the Catholic Church exactly due to this fact.

Good ole Joe has been in our government for over 30 years.  Living here in the Delmarva Peninsula we hear much about Joe and his service as the Delaware News Journal is the major paper.  He has taken or did take the train everyday from Wilmington,DE to DC. A conclusion could be made that perhaps he has stayed at the party a little too long.  His antics on the stage on Thursday show a little too much of a happy warrior.  It was a borderline display of a resident of an in-patient mental center.  Buffoon, Brilliant or Boorish – you decide.

The Scriptures are dead to many people in this day.  For me as I have shared often the Scriptures are alive.  The one that surfaced yesterday says it all and I believe shows the Bible is real for all times.

Proverbs 29:9 – “When a wise person debates a fool, the fool rages and laughs and there is no peace and quiet.”



  1. I was stunned when I heard the $1 million figure for the middle class come out of Biden’s mouth. They are desperately trying to expand their reach. If Franklin Delano hadn’t already pulled the fast one with Columbus Day surely the Obama administration would have tried it to get the Italian vote. Of course, they are a little embarassed by Columbus on the left these days and were hoping to replace him with a Gianfranco Passalacqua Day, but have not found just the right time to do it. Also by now most Italians who still live in cities have been mugged so they are no longer liberal or left-leaning. Personally, I am holding out for them to declare “Agamemnon or Odysseus Day” before giving in to the Siren’s call and certain shipwreck. Oh, wait, I am safe I have wax in my ears. It’s been there ever since they had the nerve to run Dukakis 100 or so years ago.

    Can’t they just leave us alone and stop these never-ending attempts at interventionist government and pickpocketing?

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