I was going to entitle this ‘Happy Birthday to the mother of our two oldest grandchildren’ which I knew would elicit a growl from our daughter who turns 37 today.  Golly writing that I wonder where the time has gone?  She is convinced that we only put up with her now to get to the grandchildren.

This little girl was the second and last child to which I gave birth.  She was little at 6#1oz.  She was smothered with love and pink as soon as she arrived.  We had been enjoying the boy blue for four years.  The softer pink little lady would be fun to add to our family.   Then it seems we went 0-37 in seconds.  I cannot imagine trying to recap 37 years of history in one post.  Yet of course I want to honor our lovely daughter.

What can I say about her that will give people a flavor of who she is in our family and the joy she brings?  I might start by telling you that we looked and looked and could not find the chat button.  She has talked from the moment she was born I believe.  We were certain there was an on/off button inserted somewhere and we’ve never found it.  When she was little I swore she had hoards of kids in her room as there were so many different voices floating down the stairs.

Soon we realized that the voices were all hers and she had a wonderful singing voice and quickly became a star in her grammar school plays.  This carried her throughout her whole school career singing in plays.  She was Annie in ‘Annie’.  She was Nancy in ‘Oliver’.  She was Marty in ‘Grease’.  I think one of the hardest things she ever had to do was step down from a part her senior year due to mono.  Letting her friends down was something she rarely did – to this day still does not if she can help it.

Amazingly this little girl was not too much of a problem discipline wise until we got to North Carolina.  We had to move her sophomore year in high school and she was not a happy camper.  One night she informed us she was going back home.  Her father informed her that she was in her home and if she wanted to go back north she would have to do it herself.  She allowed as much as she had the money for a bus ticket then had th gall to ask if he would he drive her to the station.  While this brings laughter now,  that night there was a loud discussion that if she wanted this she could figure out how to get to the station and she had on hour to decide.  After that hour there would be no other discussion.  Our daughter graduated from high school in North Carolina!

All her life she wanted to be a beautician just like her Aunt Paula.  She did just that and was/is very good at here job.  In North Carolina she was one of a few who could do a ‘fade’.  In most shops she was the one who could deal with young children.  Our daughter at 5’+/- like her mother is vertically challenged so we are not much taller than most kids so I am sure that helped.  She worked herself right up to owning her own salon for a time. She has actually had licenses in 4 states!

She is tenacious and tackles most ‘stuff’ with energy and makes it work.  She, this year, completed her bachelor’s with a mixture of online and campus courses.  She is trying to decide if she wants a masters in business as well.  This beautiful young woman had to have thyroid surgery and her mother was petrifed for her.  She went in and had the surgery on Friday and I heard her singing in church on Sunday.  Can you say amazing?!

Those are a few of the stats.  The heart of this young woman is the center of the story.  She is happy and bubbly and lively and that is a good thing.  She opens her heart and home to the world.  She loves the seemingly unlovable.  She forgives the seemingly unforgivable and she lives her life as a F.R.O.G. –  fully relying on God.  Her faith is something to look at with awe.  If you read this blog at all go back to Witness Wednesday in August.  When it looked the darkest that her family would not be moved and reunited before school started our faith filled Gretchen just kept praying for God to show her the way.  He did.  They all are now happily living the next chapter in their lives.

There is much more that could be said yet warm tender tears of a mother’s love keep the keys a blur.   She is wonderful and I (we) am proud!!! 

Happy Birthday Gretchen Elizabeth…..I love you…Mom (and Dad too)




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