Yesterday morning I got out of bed 15 minutes later than I’d wanted.  I flushed the toilet and the handle broke.  I came down to write my blog post and it took longer than I had planned.  I also forgot two pieces of information that I wanted to include.  I raced to get ready for a scheduled 10 o’clock pick-up.

We are ever so lucky to have found a garage that returns our car to us.  I drive an 11 year old car with 130,000 miles on it.  My husband has always taken great care of our vehicles.  He used to change the oil and do most of the maintenance on all of our cars himself.  As we have aged he has decided he no longer has to do all this work.  For that I am grateful.  Not only does it make it easy to drop the car off, it also means I have more of his time.  When we move we look for a small local mechanic not a chain store to do the work.

Here we found Chris Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair.  If we have the car dropped off early in the morning they will do the work that day.  They then will call me and bring the car back to me and I drive them back to the garage.  It is a very convenient service.  Monday was the drop day.  Chris called me Monday night at 5 could he deliver it tomorrow at 10.  No problem.  So yesterday I was waiting for the car to complete my day’s schedule.

I had my morning planned.  I would go to the bank, the Hallmark store, the discount store, Wal-Mart and be home by the time it began to rain and in plenty of time for a 12:30PM phone call I was to make.  My plan was to use the rest of the afternoon catching up on my ironing.  No call or car at 10.

I called my husband who makes all the arrangements – I just drive the car return.  He called back to say he could not get through the phone was out of service.  I am beginning to get upset as I could see my perfect plan going the way the rest of the morning had been thus far.  I called the phone number over and over.  I finally now was very upset and frustrated.  Why do people not do what they say they will do?  I called my husband back.

He left his work and went to the garage to see what was going on with the car.  It seems that Chris had gone to the bank and would bring it over as soon as he could.  A formal complaint was lodged as this is not the first time the work has taken longer than anticipated.   I was still out the car and could see my perfect plan going down the broken toilet.

When the car came an hour later and the mechanic/driver asked how I was I told him I was ripped.  I proceeded to tell him that I should not have been such a nice person the night before.  I should have insisted the car be returned as promised.  Then I said I should not be irritated at him as it was Chris that upset the schedule.  I would convey that to Chris when I saw him in a few minutes to pay the bill.

As we were driving the mechanic asked about a noise he heard.  He thought it was some sort of dry valve?  I had no idea what it was as I thought I just had noisy tires.  He said it could be that as well and said no more.  Really who would want to argue with a mean woman?  I said I would tell my husband.  As I paid the bill I was cold and irritated to an apologetic Chris.  When he said ‘have a good day’ I returned that it will now be difficult.

I went to do my errands and skipped some.  The rain came and I was caught in it though oddly enough not when I had to go in or out of the stores.  I was a half hour late for my phone call.  I ate lunch and sat down feeling sorry for all the junk I had gone through that morning.  Truly HOW STUPID!!!  We do not use the s (stupid) word normally!!!

I sat there thinking how irritated I was that others do not live their lives like I do being responsible and with integrity doing what they say they are going to do.  Why am I the only one who is ‘always’ accountable?  Why do others not keep their word?  If I have to keep to a schedule why does not the rest of the world? Why is my time not as important as anyone else’s?  My day has been ruined by all this.

Give me a break!  Who in the world did I think I was?  Did I not have my health? All my limbs?  All my family?  Where were my kindness, understanding and compassion?  I remembered one of the last things I saw coming home and it brought me up short. 

As I sat there trying to get myself to move to go iron I remembered driving back from Wal-Mart.  I saw something in the middle of the road.  The decision I needed to make was drive over it or avoid it?  What was it?  If I cannot straddle something successfully I will swerve to avoid.  Since the object was close to the yellow line on my driver’s side I swerved to avoid it.  As I passed I realized it was a turtle with its head way out of its shell like it was looking both ways in the middle of a busy roadway.  And I thought I HAD problems!!!

…..and there it is – the message of the day – SLOW DOWN!  I had been fretting and stewing as my needs were not being served.  Well with the exception of my Dear Husband who simply said ‘what can I do to help’ and then did it!  Me – I had been a whiner!  I was whining that my schedule was being upset.  Really? Perhaps Chris had something that was interfering with his own day and he was doing the best he could to get it all done?  I have a nice home, food, a nice bed for my head and I was whining as my still in great shape old car had not been DELIVERED!  What a pain in the neck Princess I was being!   Were there not others less fortunate than I who would just be happy with the having food to eat part of this discussion in my mind?

I picked myself, Princess Pain in the Neck, up, got the ironing almost complete and dinner ready!  Turns out when you look at something with the correct lens it is really clear!  

My husband called the garage about the noise the mechanic heard and the car is back in the shop getting new whatchmacallits (that IS a technical term) today.  It seems that had I driven the 1800 plus miles I plan to begin tomorrow, continuing for the next 10 days, I could have ended up alone with a real problem with the car perhaps in an area where I could get no help.  If you are in the Elkton, MD area I would suggest you use Chris for your repair needs.  They really are good and care for their customers even when they are not so nice!

Lesson of the Turtle to slow down and be aware of others is learned.







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  1. Oh My Goodness!! What a great blog today. I am still laughing (not than I really think it was funny) but IT REALLY WAS. Sounds like a lot of my days when everything goes wrong. Loved this blog Kathy. Really cheered me up this morning to know that other people have these kind of problems too.

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