I started out writing something totally different and then I realized thought it was the first of October and I was remembering those little poems our teachers would write on the blackboard for us to memorize.  Then I realized that on the first Monday in October the Supreme Court opens for another year.  I led me to wonder what else happens on this day.

Wikipedia said it is Armed Forces Day in Korea.  It is a Christian Feast Day in various parts of the world.  It is Independence Day in Cyprus, Nigeria, Palau and Tuvalo.  It is

The International Day of Old People.  I wondered how old you had to be to qualify to celebrate – perhaps I do and may just celebrate regardless.  Seems like a good reason for a festive candlelight supper!  It is National Day of the People’s Republic of China and Unification Day in Cameroon.  It is Teacher’s Day in Uzbekistan.  I think Teachers should be celebrated everyday!  Lastly in North America the Vegetarian Society celebrates World Vegetarian Day.  Not being a vegetarian I will tip my hat to this day with extra veggies for supper!

There were a lot of firsts on this day as well according to Wikipedia.  I have listed a few that I thought notable.

There were a bunch of famous people who were born and died on this day.  I send you to Wikipedia for the complete list.  I added a few I found interesting.  In the sports references I tried to include some that others would know.  E.B. White is a favorite author who lived in Maine and Nick Reynolds needs no reason other than he was a member of the Kingston Trio – enough said.  


1903Vladimir Horowitz, Ukrainian-born American pianist (d. 1989)

1910Bonnie Parker, American outlaw (d. 1934)

1921James Whitmore, American actor (d. 2009)

1924Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

1924 – William Rehnquist, 16th Chief Justice of the United States (d. 2005)

1924 – Roger Williams, American piano player (d. 2011)

1925Bob Boyd, American baseball player (d. 2004)

1927Tom Bosley, American actor (d. 2010)

1928Laurence Harvey, Lithuanian-born actor (d. 1973)

1928 – George Peppard, American actor (d. 1994)

1928 – Willy Mairesse, Belgian racing driver (d. 1969)

1930 – Richard Harris, Irish actor, singer-songwriter, theatrical producer, film director and writer (d. 2002)

1935Julie Andrews, British actress and singer

1939George Archer, American golfer (d. 2005)

1939 – Geoffrey Whitehead, English actor

1945Rod Carew, Panamanian-born baseball player

1950Randy Quaid, American actor

1963 – Mark McGwire, American baseball player

1965 – Cliff Ronning, Canadian ice hockey player

1969 – Zach Galifianakis, American comedian and actor

1970 – Alexei Zhamnov, Russian ice hockey player

1979Rudi Johnson, American football player

1979 – Gilberto Martínez, Costa Rican footballer

1979 – Michael McGillicutty, American wrestler

1990Charlie McDonnell, English musician and YouTube personality


1985E. B. White, American author (b. 1899)

2008 – Nick Reynolds, American folk musician (The Kingston Trio) (b. 1933)

There are other websites that I found that deal with this same subject of importance to specific dates.  They are:

I also found a site that allowed you to tell of embarrassing things that happened on dates.  Got to be careful when you google words – days brought up some sites and dates brought up other directions to look for information on dates.

The second site listed – had much more information than Wikipedia and even had it divided into sections.  It had one entitled ‘Today in Music History’.  I discovered that this was the day Elvis went into the army.  Remembering this and seeing information about it at Graceland I was interested in this tidbit.  This website also has a facebook link.

As I looked over all the lists I found much this information junkie would like to look into further.  I have already taken time while writing this to look into the 1964 Free Speech Movement.  Again, having lived in the time it was interesting to have the protests at UC Berkley make such an impact as to be included in a list of important things that happened on Oct. 1st.

For me October 1st has usually been a usual day unlike any other.  The only exception I can site is that in October the year I was born 1947 a fire devastated the island I lived on in Maine.  Mount Desert Island lost much that year.  My Grandmother would tell the story of a regular day of ironing then seeing the drapes on her windows catch fire as she grabbed her photo albums and left her Bar Harbor home for safety.  My family history is full of the tales of this horrid time. 

Of course being only 3 months old I have no tales to share.  I do have an observation to offer.  For years the drive from my home on one side of the island to my Grandmother in Bar Harbor I would ride by burned birches and stumps of trees and barren forests.  It was not a good sight not a bad sight it was simply the reality of my childhood Sunday drives.  One day long after I was married, as I think of seriously about this it was closer to now maybe being about 15+/- years ago, we were making the same trip.  I commented to my husband casually how lush and full the trees were. 

Then all of a sudden I realized the forests were full again as they probably had been before the fire.  It was astonishing to realize that I had driven by them all these years and at that moment only was I struck with the reality that life had been reborn in the barren spots. 

Maybe after this morning of struggling to find anything of interest or any message I just hit upon something wonderful.  So long as our feet are ‘above the ground’ we can be reborn in our resolve to accomplish a goal.  We can restart a project.  We can resolve to love more.  Begin to love ourselves and others?  Each day we have the chance to grow and bloom just like those charred burned stumps of vegetation that replenished the roadside from 1947 to now!  Life is good!!!   



…have to add the chuckle I just had to myself as I watched spell check hit each of the names – lots of ‘ignores’…

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