Some days I really do not understand where my head goes or how my brain functions.  Perhaps I am certifiably insane or teetering on the edge.  I woke this morning with thoughts of what book I would take with me on a desert island. 

Now I can give some credence to this in the fact that I have been writing one book for a long time and it has not seen the light of day.  I created one of some of my blog posts, “Treasures for my Dad from Your Daughter ktsquared”, for my Dad’s 91st birthday.  I have another, a book of some of the blog posts as well, that I am investigating actually going to real print with as soon as I can figure it out.

Last night before I fell asleep I came up with another idea that deals with the doctor’s appointment I am going to have tomorrow.  My blood work which was done prior to the visit (early per my request as she was leaving on maternity leave) came back with some not so good numbers.  She wants to put me on drugs right away.  I said no let’s talk.  Now she is out on mandatory bed rest maternity leave and I am seeing a new doctor. 

This should be interesting.  The last time my numbers were high I refused to take any meds and within 3 weeks lowered my cholesterol by 50 points and got my liver enzymes back in shape.  Thinking I’d rather give that plan a whirl again rather than just be plopped on pills.  Hopefully this doctor will agree as easily as my doc in St. Louis did!!!  The book I was imagining was about documenting the whole thing.  Thus the thoughts of books and what I would want to take to a desert island.  What about you?

I’ve thought seriously about this so far this morning.  I have come up with some ideas.  The Bible of course would be my first choice as I am thinking much I would need would be in that book.  Two books that made a real impression on me in my life were Louise L. Hay’s ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ and Ann Louise Gittleman’s ‘Super Nutrition for Women’.  How funny as I see that both have Louise in their names!!!  As I type I wonder if I need them after all if I have already read them.  Perhaps for reference?  I would want my natural healing books for reference as well I think!

What about survival?  The natural healing books have the flora and fauna in them.  I think the best survival book I have read would be the Earth Children series with the ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ being the first.  Each one has so much in it about weapons and hides and berries and medicines I could not decide and would need them all.  Betting the man in the wild that is on TV that I do not watch would have a book as well that I could use.

For inspiration I think it would have to be ‘The Traveler’s Gift’, ‘The Lost Coin’ and ‘The Final Summit’ by Andy Andrews.  It was hard to choose from his books as I like them all.  I also think I might want to bring some of his books that contain letters from successful people and how they overcame obstacles.

I am so curious I think I might have to have some mysteries or dramas or a combination.  Now I these would include Agatha Christie.  With her I get to bring a couple of friends too in Miss Marple and Hercule!!!  ‘Bright Flows the River’ is a book that sticks with me and I think I might want that as well.  As I turn around in my chair I am hard pressed to leave any of the volumes that surround me behind. 

So I am sunk literally – no small boat could carry all these – remember I moved them all last summer!  My premise is what book would I want on a deserted island?  The idea of a deserted island normally is that a shipwreck has occurred and not much survives.  I suppose if I designing the premise I can design the rescue as well.  There it is – another book I surely would need and that is ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ as they survived very well.

If you could own only one or two books what would you want?




  1. Good morning, What a question to ask!! I can’t imagine only being able to have one book with me on an island (even Mount Desert Island). I have a variety of books around me all the time. Sometimes it is a love story, sometimes it is a mystery or a murder mystery, sometimes an adventure story or maybe an animal story. There are so many choices!! Yesterday I started a three book series which I have had on hand for over a year. Now all I want to do is keep reading to see what happens. It it not what you would call educational but it is keeping my attention. I have no answer for what I would take with me and hope I never have to. Your blog, today, really got me thinking of how lucky I am to hopefully never having to make that choice.

    Have a good day, good luck at the doctors. I go to my new doctor on the first of October and am looking forward to seeing what she has to say and have a long list of questions for her. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Since it takes me several years to read a book, I probably would take one that is over 1,000 pages. The last one I read of that size was Professor Sean Wilentz’s The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln. It was 1,044 pages and took me from the summer of 2008 to the early winter of 2012 to finish. As with other books I sometimes lay them down for months on end with no pages read. Then I might knock off a dozen or so pages and lay it down again for a week or so. I call this “living with a book.” I find the book becomes a fabric of your life when you ingest it bit by bit by bit. I often have a sense of remorse when I come to the end of a book because it is no longer waiting for me. Reading any one a second time is out of the question.

    I steward a Thursday night Silent Prayer Hour at our church for prayer, meditation and quiet inspirational reading. I often split the time between prayer and the bible. I am one of those bible readers who just splits open the book and reads whatever my eyes fall upon. Last Thursday I fell upon Maccabees. Evidently I had never read Maccabees in all the years I have been scouring the bible (roughly 35 now). I did not know that 200 years before the Romans, the Greeks invaded Jerusalem and the surrounding area and ruled with incredible cruelty. Many, many Jews were put to death for the slightest resistance and local armies of thousands were completely obliterated for daring to fight against the Greek war machine. Being half Greek I had always been proud about the conquests of the Greek over the Turks and other eastern cultures. I took much pride in the fact that the Greeks lent a lot of their organization and culture to the formation of the Roman heartland and culture. Now I found myself embarrassed by the cruel, ruthless way the held Israel captive. This is certainly a memorable moment in “living with a book.” Next Thursday mt eyes will fall upon a different chapter of either the Old or New Testament and the process will continue.

    Being the author of two book, one in print and one in cyber space, I know all of the ins and outs of the publishing world. I will be happy to share them with you this Sunday.

  3. Kathy,

    I lowered my cholesterol from 256 to 201 in three months by eating a vegan diet. Then, I lowered it to 187, while not eating a strictly vegan diet, by consuming aloe juice. Although my doctor was very pleased wih the 187 result, I am not satisfied with that result and am sure I can further improve it through diet. Also, my triglyceride result dropped *dramatically* after eating a vegan diet!

    Love, Your Cousin

  4. …..years ago I dropped mine from 226 to 179 cutting out alcohol/caffeine/salt/sugar…going to give that (modified) a whirl again…too much a carnivore…my fav is Ann Louise Gittleman – most of what she learned was from a lady who lived to 126!!!

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