Before I begin I must make note to yesterday’s post.  It was a very long day.  Last night I went to bed at 11:00PM and woke at 5:05AM.  Would have preferred 7:05AM in an effort to reset my sleep clock and will take the 5 time.  If I could do this for one solid week in a row I will believe that I have the reset taken care of for sure!

As I attempt to reset my clock the season clock is swiftly moving to the actual first day of fall.  I can feel it in the air.  I can hear it in the migratory birds.  I can see it with the color coming on the trees.  Fall is beginning to open the seasonal door.

It is time for fall cleaning.  I am not sure that anyone actually does this anymore.  The Flylady.com website has many of us convinced that it is better to clean all year round so we are not hit with a huge job all at once.  Great idea and yet it takes away from the seasonal reset. 

There is more to a fall seasonal reset than just the cleaning.  I have to admit it was a chore when I helped (what little I did) as a kid.  We had to wash everything in the bookshelf including the gargoyles which were very ornate vases.  We helped Mumma take down the English ivy that she trained to grow up our sheer curtains in the living room so she could change the curtains.  It was pretty and a pain in the neck to take out all those straight pins that were hidden behind leaves so the vine looked like it was growing free.  The windows were washed inside to be ready when the outside and putting on the storms happened later in the fall. 

Lots of work.  After it was done there was a real sense of clean and snuggled in as we all had our winter bedspreads on our beds.  Our curtains had been changed to keep out any drafts.  We were ready to enjoy fall and prepared for the coming of winter.  The squirrels store their nuts.  Bears get ready to hibernate and we cleaned.

Now I clean.  It is not such a chore as before.  I do not worry about curtains with thermo pane windows.  I do change our bedspread with a tweak or two to the curtains to match.  It is more a mood change than a need change.  It helps me move through the seasons.

This morning as I was typing this I heard the Canadian Geese squawking above migrating.  I so enjoy their formation along with the story of their loyalty to each other.  They mate for life.  If one is harmed and cannot fly they stay with each other until they are well or gone.  Many people do not live that kind of life of support for others who are ill, depressed or dying.  Many suffer alone and that is sad.

I love the movie, ‘Fly Away Home’, about the little girl who trains them to fly.  What this movie failed to show is the fact that these are really dirty birds.  I wish I had not learned this.  I wish I could still look at them with awe.  I cannot.  They made a home in the ponds by our church in their travels.  We had to be careful walking in to worship.  Ultimately the ponds were filled in leaving them no place to land so they moved on to anther spot. 

The cool is welcomed as I am not a heat person.  That is another item of fall cleaning – the changing of the wardrobes in our closets.  We had boxes in the attic full of fall and winter clothes and mothballs.  Boy did those mothballs smell while keeping moths out of the wool clothes.  It was like getting a new wardrobe even though they were your old clothes.  Out they went to air on the line.  Away went the summer shorts, skirts and dresses.  All of this was usually completed as the days grew shorter and surely by Halloween.

The color is glorious as the green of summer perks up to the reds, oranges, yellows and purples of fall.  Each tree seems to have its own special hue.  Maples turn red and oaks turn golden.  Together our landscape is re-painted with a blaze of colors.  How many of you remember ironing leaves between wax paper to preserve them for decorations?  I am sure those in areas with fall leaves did it every year.

I am certain these activities still happen in some homes.  My fall cleaning is more of a clean as I have to since you cannot walk without sticking to the floor.  I no longer iron leaves.  I may take up my watercolors to attempt to capture their beauty.  Our wardrobes are more year round then seasonal.  I change out table runners, dishcloths and the powder room towels to reflect the season. This is my acknowledgment that fall is here despite my readiness to welcome it.  Now it may send me into a panic that Christmas is almost here.  It also means another year has almost passed all too quickly.  Despite the things I no longer do at this time of year, the one thing I do is enjoy it!



  1. This was a great journal entry. Everything you said was so familiar. For me, after all of the fall routines had been completed, the most final and satisfying step was washing the triple track storms and pulling the inside storm pane down. Immediately the colder weather was shut out and you felt totally insulated and secure. Of course, you could always lift the pane for those winter days when the sun was strong and an airing out was needed. Now our windows are all in one which is wonderful and so easy to take care of. BUT, I miss that feeling when the last pane was lowered and you were finally ready for winter. It’s the nesting instinct and today my list is long!!
    Love you and see you soon.
    Aunt Becky

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