Major shut off this morning.  I shut off the air-conditioner!  There is a touch of fall outside my door and windows.  It is 63 degrees and to go up to 76 today.  The wind coming in my window is chilly and I love it.  I love cold air.  I like having a cool house.  I like wearing sweaters.  I like fall and winter.

When we lived outside of Memphis I rarely wore a sweater or coat.  One of my neighbors was from Canada.  She commented to me one day when it was chilly and we had on sweaters that the natives of Memphis did not understand the mentality of sweaters.  She thought there was coziness to the chill in the air in ‘sweater weather’.  The sweater was a warm hug to ourselves and reminiscent of where we originated and the different seasons we lived in New England and the Canadian Maritimes.  I think she was right.

Fall was time to change the house in preparation for winter.  Our bedrooms would get makeovers.  Not expensive ones like on HGTV.  We simply would move our beds from in front of the window to the other end away from the window.  Our lightweight bedspreads would be swapped out for heavier winter ones.  The storm windows were put on over the windows.  The brush was put around the house.

The storm windows were put on over the windows.  Now this may sound the strangest of all to many of you.  What is that???  I can hear the questions.  ‘In the old’ days we did not have thermo pane windows.  What we had were windows that were made larger than the windows in the house.  They were attached to the house into the trim of the original window.  The fit like a Lego fits onto another with a perfect seal to create the insulation needed so air would not come in around the windows.  Only sometimes in the winter the seal would not be perfect and we would have the loveliest of designs as the frost adhered to the panes of glass.  Up they went in the fall and down they came in the spring.  It was quite a chore.  It made for a busy family day as we all cleaned them and got them ready for Dad to take up the ladder for placement.  The front upstairs were the easier of the second story.  There was a roof over the porch and Dad could stand on it while attaching the storms.  We waited until end of October into November to put these on as you might still want to open a window for fresh air.

Funny story time!  My aunt lived with us during high school.  I have referred to her as my sister-aunt as she is only 8 years older than I and more like an older sister.  When she wanted us to meet her boyfriend she brought him home to us.  He slept in the ‘little room’ which was mine and we all (Aunt Becky and my sister Paula and I) would bunk in the other.  Both rooms were on the front of the house.  This particular weekend of Jim’s visit was storm window weekend.  Up we all were and Jim was still sleeping.  We got the storms on the house finished excepting the front windows as Jim was still sleeping.  Finally Dad said he had to go up there and would try to be as quiet as he could.  The next thing we all knew Jim was running down the stairs screaming there was a man on the roof!  He was from the city and very frightened.  We on the other hand from the small town were laughing as we knew it was just storm window day!   Perhaps you had to be there!



One comment on “STORM WINDOW DAY

  1. I WAS there and yes it was very funny. Kathy, your writings bring back so many wonderful memories of the past. Sad times too but good to remember. I have those same cool breezes coming in our windows this morning and I can feel the excitement of knowing that the nesting season has begun!! By the way—I have heard from some that the old storm windows that were wooden and put over the windows were in most cases better than our new windows of today.
    Love you, Aunt Becky

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