I have spoken often of the friendships I share.  I have also spoken of my birthday celebration that is going to last a whole year.  I gifted myself with more than a celebration when my friend and I decided to ‘hit a spa’ to celebrate turning 65.  This experience has been more than a gift. It has been life giving and life changing.

The presumption of ‘hit a spa’ was that we would allow ourselves to be pampered and rest, relax and rejuvenate.  This way we will be in great shape to face the next 65 years.  After only two days plus we know we will be back and we know we have learned life-giving tools that will change our lives in ways we had not ever imagined.  That is a pretty powerful statement.  Canyon Ranch is a pretty powerful place.

Nestled in the corner of the lovely little town of Lenox, MA is an old estate that has been turned into a retreat.  It has all the grace and beauty one would imagine of a spa.  There are the saunas and steam baths and Jacuzzis as well as services for you head to toe.   The food is fabulous.  The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet.  It is everything one would expect at a spa.  It is glorious here.

The one thing I did not expect, did not anticipate and did not consider as important is how I would be treated.  My expectation is that I would check in like any other hotel or establishment and go get my pre-ordered services at the appointed times.  This is where Canyon Ranch has gone above and beyond what I imagined.

From the minute I drove to the gate to enter I and my friend – we – became the most important persons in the world to the Canyon Ranch employees with whom we interacted.  Nothing we could ask is too much.  I have not met one grumpy or discontented person.  Everyone wears a smile and says thank you it is my pleasure to serve you.  Since it is the first spa I have experienced I have no comparison.  I have had my toes or nails done at establishments where it is seems, occasionally, like they are doing you the favor.   The people at Canyon Ranch act like I am doing them the favor by being here.  It makes Canyon Ranch what it is, I believe, a top notch spa.  We were awe struck by what we saw.  This place is understated elegance with our comfort being the number one priority. 

We spent the first day in awe.  We got here in time for lunch and were we were chatting about our girl friends get-a-way, what was coming up and would there really be celebrities in residence.  We mentioned that it would be fun to be girlfriends with Gayle and Oprah on their camping trip or Ann Curry on one of her adventures.  That night we walked into the dining room and were seated.  I looked up right into the face of Gayle King with a group of ladies directly across from us.  As she was leaving the dining room she walked by us, I greeted her and thanked her for being there and making our luncheon conversation into a reality.  What a nice lady!  She took the time to stop and she graciously chatted with us for a bit!

We were able to take in a lecture before dinner the day of our arrival.  It was then that we became aware that this was more than a spa.  Canyon Ranch was offering us a glimpse into an alternative lifestyle should we choose to avail ourselves of the information they were offering.  The first thing we did after dinner was go over our schedules to see what extra we could fit into our next two days.  The effort was well worth it from what we heard.

It would take me pages and pages to share all we learned.  I may later.  Right now I am still trying to internalize it for myself.  When I get home I am going to try to put much of it into practice.  Like any new experience I like I am now passionate and flying high full of enthusiasm.  One of the most interesting things for me is that I came to Canyon Ranch to shine the outside of me.  I am leaving with my insides glowing with possibilities.  That is on all their vehicles – ‘The Power of Possibilities’.  Thank you, Mel and Enid Zuckerman, for bringing your dream into reality.  I got it!  I am empowered! 





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