Ever watch a balloon floating in the air?  Any kind of balloon!  I am partial to the huge colorful ones with the gondola’s in which you can ride?  I want my balloon to take me to Oz.  No one can seem to find it so I have never had a ride in one!  Balloons are one of the reasons I loved living in St. Louis as the sky was often full of balloons floating by.  They had a special celebration called:


At this time it was fun to sit on the deck and just watch as they drifted above our home.  If you ever have a chance go see it. 

This morning I am feeling buoyant.  I think there are many reasons.  It is a beautiful day outside our cottage.  Dad came for coffee and seems to be in good shape.  I had lunch with one sister yesterday and dinner and a movie last night with the other.  I have the promise of a visit from my brother tonight or tomorrow.  My sister/aunt will be in town today so I can see her as well.  I am having lunch with some girlfriends.  I am getting excited about my first time upcoming visit to a spa for a few days beginning on Sunday.  I am enjoying the hope emanating from the Republican Convention.  I am impressed with all the wonderful women who have told their stories.  The speeches have been powerful from all.  The news of Isaac is getting better and Robin Robert’s farewell for a while on GMA was lovely and hopeful.

Today, I think at about noon, I will reach the quarter mark of my one year attempt to write daily.  It is invigorating!  I want to jump high and say I did it!  I am such a hard task master on myself I cannot do it as I missed one post on August 16th.  Written and not posted is a struggle for me?  Did I meet my goal of writing a blog daily or not?  For me it is a real dilemma.  My immediate answer is not – good luck this next quarter.  The person that is trying to not be so tough on me says I made it.  This will be mulled by me for days.  In the end I can at least say I have made a good effort for sure.

That brings me to the word goal.  To me it has ever been a dirty four letter word.  As bad as some others we all know and occasionally speak.  Goal was a word I could not ever seem to achieve.  I would decide to do something and set a goal and fail over and over again.  I got tired of my own failures.  Failure is a dirty word as well and few may know how much I have failed. 

To me failure is unacceptable and yet I do it so often.  I decide to clean my desk and get diverted.  I decide to write a few letters and the paper sits out for days.  I decide to … I decide to… I no longer decide.  I tell myself if I can do one thing on my list each day then I am okay.  I no longer set goals until I decided to write this blog.  It seemed I needed a reason to do so and an end date.  I set the goal of one year of writing each day.  So far I have written each day.  The 8/16 posting was a miss and luckily I did not let it be a deal breaker.

I was sharing my dislike of the word goal with a friend years ago.  He gave me an acronym which I cannot remember for the life of me.   It was something like GOAL is God’s Objectives Attained Lovingly.  That I can accept.  It is the lovingly which means loving me despite my failures that is my struggle!  Perhaps it is others as well.  Today I will be kind to myself and let the buoyancy of the day and my mood carry me I WILL accept that I made a goal to write and have had success this first quarter!  I will continue with the joy of knowing that whatever I do God has me in His hands.



One comment on “UP UP AND AWAY………

  1. We’re our own worst enemies and critics, aren’t we? I treat myself more harshly than I ever would treat a friend. So let’s say to our inner selves “Lighten up; life’s too short to judge ourselves or anyone else so critically”.

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