I could subtitle this as Tupperware vs Pyrex.  I tossed most of my Tupperware into the recycle bin during a fit of angst Sunday night when I could not find a cover to match the dish I held in my hand.  I just scooped up every single cover and container and tossed them out the back door.  Well that is a clear picture however that is where the recycle bin sits so I did not just toss them to the wind as the previous sentence sounded.  It was a very freeing experience.

I had been thinking of doing this for some time.  I have been in the process of divesting myself of the plastic containers.  I have some of the larger items and do not use them that much though when I want a grater the cover of the green Tupperware set is the one I look to find.  This is probably too old for Tupperware patrons today to remember.  Also I still have flour and sugar and crackers in containers.  It is the little reusable ones that drove me to the brink.   I have a small sense of betrayal as Tupperware bought BeautiControl for whom I sell products as well as use them myself.  Truth be known and to let myself off the hook a bit, a lot of the plastic containers were also reusable Hillshire Farms container.  Out they went!

I started replacing the plastic a few months ago when I tossed the narrow necked plastic juice pitchers in witch I have been known to mix a batch of Bloody Marys.  They were not coming as clean as I wanted in the dishwasher even after we got a new one.  I just was happier once I got two glass pitchers and could look and see clean inside and out.

My dad used glass containers recycling pickle jars to hold dribs and drabs of leftovers for another meal.  I did not understand why he just did not buy the plastic stuff.  Now I do.  I also understand that some sort of chemical is given off by the plastic if you reheat them in the microwave.  Dad rarely uses his microwave either.  At almost 91 perhaps he knows more than I thought.  Oh that is a silly statement.  Just ask him – he knows it all!

Yesterday I bought a set of Pyrex that will now hold my leftovers.  It was interesting to look at what was available in the local large box store.  The set I purchased do have plastic (color coded) covers so hopefully no drips as my husband takes them back and forth to work.  They are a blue hued glass which is quite attractive. 

Talk about retro.  I have a green dish with a glass cover to hold my butter.  I am looking for other glass products to suit my needs.  I am going backwards in my kitchen.  I remember my aunt having plastic covers that fit perfectly around her bowls of leftover like little berets.  I am seeing those again and I look forward to getting some of those for my own use.  What’s old is once again new again.  

Perhaps one day I will learn to cook for just two again and I can avoid the whole issue.



2 comments on “PLASTIC vs GLASS

  1. I reached the cover madness experience a few years back. My solution was to take every plastic bottom and top out of our cabinet, sit patiently, and match every cover to a bottom. I then affixed the covers, eliminating the convenient and space saving nesting feature of the bottoms. Next I selected the nicest closed containers, returned them to the storage closet and threw out anything that did not fit back into the given space. Now I never return plastic storage bottoms to the cabinet unless the top is firmly in place. All else is toss ‘e voo-ed. Oh, and in another cabinet I have the grandfather collection of capped ball and pickle glass jars.

  2. I switched over to glass containers last year HOWEVER I still have ONE small, round, quart tupperware that I use for brown sugar. It is probably 35 years old and a keeper.

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