I heard or saw a quote the other day.  ‘Live out of your imagination not your history.’  I am upset that I do not know where it came from so that I can credit it.  I do not usually like to use things without acknowledging the source.  What a great quote though.

What would you do if you could live out of your imagination?  That has surely changed for me over the years.  I was going to be a hairdresser, a stewardess and ended up going to teaching school.  While I did not graduate I believe I have been teaching in one way or another all the rest of my life.  Actually did do some in school subbing.  That was fun.  Remembering how we used to taunt subs I would find a hook with each class.  The best was using my memory to quickly pick out a couple of kids by name.  The obvious question would be how do you know our names?  I would just say I was super sub and went on with the lesson glad that the few I could remember saved my bacon!

I’ve imagined being a starving artist in a French loft eeking out a living by painting beautiful pictures.  A novelist living inNew York city typing away long into the night to meet a deadline.  Or an actress maybe?  Imagination is a wonderful thing.  The other part of that quote is ‘not your history’.  That is the real gift of those words.  Imagination can even take you beyond your wildest dreams most especially beyond your history.

Do you believe Chris Gardner the man who wrote the Pursuit of Happyness ever dreamed he would be where he is today when he was living in shelters and getting assistance?   Glenn Beck, like his politics or not he was not from wealth.  His dad ran a bakery.  Glenn himself was a drunk.  His words not mine.  Today he runs a mini multi media empire fromTexas.  These men lived their imaginations not their histories.  Then there is Oprah.  She certainly outlived her history.

So what would you do?  What is your history?  Mine was not so bad in fact I liked it.  Thought I would live in my hometown the rest of my life.  I did want to see the world though.  I did want to travel.  Miles wise I have surely gone beyond my history.  AND I am not done yet – there is much to see.

The most interesting thing of this whole quote is that the people who actually do this seem to be the people who give back.  When I think of those who are successful and have changed their history their gratefulness is a reward to others not necessarily themselves.  I so believe in an other-centered life.  They prove the idea of that with their lives.

Imagination?   Possibilities?  Rewards?  Words full of hope and…..nope stopping here –  this is a good way to end this…….just think…


3 comments on “IMAGINATION

  1. Did you ever stop to think about the oft-quoted saying, “Life is an illusion.” Just close your eyes and meditate a while. Bring forth everything and anything you can muster up in your mind. Let those synapses fire-away. Trust me there is far more in your brain than you ever can contemplate at any one time. All of the images and ideas you have recorded in your brain, are just that – images in your brain. Anything new you encounter is sent to your brain and indelibly stamped there. You may or may not have the ability to recall it, but its there. Blessed are those who can create by calling forth and combining all of the brain’s marks. They are endowed with the much coveted title, creative and imaginative. They are the lucky ones because they can create new worlds within their own minds, thanks to the gifts of the senses to the brain about what is “out there.” Sometimes they have the gift of being able to get it out there through some form of communication to expand the experience of others who they touch in some way.

    Think cherry pie.

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