I walked into the office today and had a sense of happiness and joy.  It was as like walking into a warm house from a cold day.  Something we can only dream of now at 90 – 100 degrees for over the last 4 days.  The welcome the office offered was from my own work.  I am still working to get everything back in its place from the floor installation.  It is going slow as I am taking time to also sort and throw.  It is coming together and that I believe is what hit me – the orderliness as well as the decorative items back in place.  It welcomed me to come in and enjoy the surroundings.

There is nothing like order for me.  Do not get me wrong as I can and do live in chaos lots of days.  My desk may appear a mess yet usually I can find what I am looking for in a few minutes as my recall is tactile and I can envision when I touched it and where I put the wanted item or paper.  The absolute worst time for me was when the kids were in their plays in grammar school. I was an assistant, wardrobe person, stage hand, Jill of all trades for the director.  With the three of us involved and my husband working and in scouts with our son as well as our everyday living the supper dishes were in the sink for long periods of time and the laundry started reproducing itself on top of the dryer.  I could not keep up and did not worry about it.  I was serving our family, children and school and community.  The day came when the production was over and I could get things back in order.  The ‘order day’ usually shows up.  I am so glad I ignored it then.  Those years did indeed go by fast as I was told they would.

The disorder I am experiencing today is less harried and mostly of my own making.  I have no real deadlines to meet. I get distracted easily and have many projects in the works.  Perhaps it comes to accepting what you can do and choosing what you want to do.  Order is now more important to me.  I save time working with my life and home in order.   I can more quickly put my hands on what I need when I need it without having to search for it even though I am certain I know where I put it.  I have discovered the little known secret of cleanliness. 

The secret that so often is verbalized and rarely internalized is that ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness’.  Clearing clutter out of your home and mind allows a place for God to get in.  When I am one with God in my life I am experiencing a real sense of peace.  I am more welcoming.  I am readily available for friends.  I do not buy tickets on the guilt train.  I do not worry about missing the busy train.  I am calm.  I take more time to work on my relationship with God and I pray more.  I am more upbeat and positive.  There are many that read this that will say it is not God.  Call it what you may I will give the glory to God – and the thanksgiving.

I thought of this on my way to church this morning.  Our visiting priest had a message that we are to be a welcoming people regardless of a persons being a different color or race or gay.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous – think Einstein said that and that I have quoted it before.

Welcome is my take away word this morning.  I am working diligently to bring this back to our home for me and for our family and guests.  



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